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Feedback 5/24 

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I enjoyed Mark Hare's article on health care; readers might be interested in a recent book, "An American Sickness," by Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal. It is simply a blow-by-blow description of how the doctors, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and insurance all rip us off through greed, collusion, corruption, and absolute theft. The advice in the last few chapters of the book would be invaluable to anyone, especially in today's world of high deductible and networks.

By the way, if you read the book you'll quickly see why single payer will never happen here: it would cost the politicians too much!


Obama's earnings

Mary Anna Towler's editorial "Barack Obama's $400K: dimming hope for change" is in error by singling out Mr. Obama for a practice that has become common among former presidents since Gerald Ford.

According to Mark K. Updegrove, the author of "Second Acts: Presidential Lives and Legacies," America's recent former presidents have raked in tens of millions of dollars by making speeches. They speak at corporate conventions, charity fundraisers, and business conferences.

Barack Obama has simply joined the speaking circuit. I don't believe, as does Ms. Towler, that this practice indicates profound moral imperfection.


Lincoln in Rochester

This year's Memorial Day will mark the 125th anniversary of the unveiling of one of the most significant public sculptures in Western New York. On that day, in 1892, more than 100,000 Rochesterians attended the unveiling of Leonard Volk's monumental Soldier's and Sailor's Monument in Washington Square Park.

In addition to the artist and his wife, those in attendance included Frederick Douglass, President Benjamin Harrison, former President Grover Cleveland, and New York Governor Preston Flowers. "Never before," said an article in the New York Times, "has the city been so crowded and never before has it entertained so distinguished a company."

Volk's Lincoln stands atop a 31-foot granite column. Facing north, he holds a copy of the Emancipation Proclamation in his hands. Below are four bronze figures, each representing a branch of the armed services, and between these figures are four bronze reliefs depicting events of the Civil War: the attack on Fort Sumter, a battle at Gettysburg, the battle between the Merrimack and the Monitor, and Lee's surrender to Grant at Appomattox.

Perhaps a visit to Washington Square Park would be an appropriate way to honor the legacy of Lincoln and those who fought in the Civil War as well as a way to commemorate Memorial Days past and present.


Holcomb is past director of the Memorial Art Gallery.


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