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Feedback 5/4 

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Sanders should stay in

I was quite proud to cast my vote for Bernie Sanders in last month's New York State primary. Considering the late opening of the polls in certain parts of the state, I think he did pretty well.

And that's not counting the various voting snafus that occurred around the state, either.

I voted for Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996, and then voted twice for Hillary Clinton for the New York Senate seat. Having said all that, however, I find that during this particular cycle, that she is acting monarchial, as if she is Queen of the Hop.

There are calls for Sanders to drop out, which he absolutely must not do. If he did, he would effectively disenfranchise millions of voters down the line who want to vote for him. He should follow the example of Clinton herself in 2008 and continue the race until all citizens have a right to be heard.

As Sanders said, "It is her job to win over my supporters."


Should we dump 'Rochester' name?

Last week, I attended the third screening of the documentary about the discovery of a new and unknown picture of Frederick Douglass.

After the documentary, there was time for questions and comments, including one that I had never heard before.

Why, if we now know that Nathaniel Rochester was not only a slave owner but also a slave trader, would we keep Rochester as the name of our city?

Second, given that the African-American community raised all of the funds for the Frederick Douglass memorial statue that is in Highland Park, are there any plans to move it to a more accessible and prominent location?

Even though there aren't easy answers to those questions, I felt proud to be part of a community gathering where asking them is acceptable.

I have no thoughts yet on the name of our city, but as for the statue, does it make sense to put it in that green space on East Main Street by the Talman Building, where the North Star office was once located?


No military school in the RCSD

I know lots of parents are looking for a stricter learning environment for their children, for a variety of reasons. ("Report finds support for military school," April 27). I just wish we could offer a solution that doesn't involve the military. That system already takes away too many of our kids.


Beware casino's false promises

I hope Mayor Lovely Warren doesn't take the bait ("Casino idea greeted with caution," April 20). I for one would be ashamed to live in a city with a performing arts center that was funded by problem gamblers.

We shouldn't think that the Seneca Nation's partnership with Morgan legitimizes this. The promises are as too good to be true as they've ever been.


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