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Feedback 6/7 

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Trump's conduct imperils America

Ms. Towler is spot on in "The 'Unbelievable' Saga of Donald Trump." What perplexes and alarms me is why so many people cannot grasp the concept of "if you elect a clown, it is inevitable a circus will emerge."

Unfortunately, while this circus is entertaining to most of Trump's followers, it is profoundly affecting our country's well being. A recent poll indicated that 94 to 96 percent of his base still believe he is honest and is doing a great job. Did they forget when he lied to them about Mexico paying for the wall? How about his promise to repeal and replace Obama Care on his first day in office?

If his Trumpcare ever passes, according to the latest CBO report, 23 million people will be without health insurance and another 1.5 million will hit the unemployment roles. Thankfully, the appellate court affirmed that his "Muslim ban" is unconstitutional. For the sake of our already great country, I pray that he continues on his losing streak.

I was serving honorably in the US Marine Corps when Nixon was disgracefully removed from the White House. I believe there are many similarities between Nixon and Trump. Both subscribed to the divide-and-conquer concept. Both attempted to suppress the media from reporting the facts. Both appear to suffer from profound character flaws and disorders.

I believe Trump's ongoing conduct and past campaign actions and words will lead to Articles of Impeachment. I believe when the Independent Counsel concludes his investigation, Trump will be charged with obstruction of justice and collusion with a foreign enemy of the United States. I hope when this day arrives, Congressional members can put country before party.

It is a sad indictment of the US when NATO allies such as the UK and Israel cannot trust us with classified intelligence because of Trump's reckless divulging of highly classified information to the Russians in the Oval Office. This lack of trust and not sharing information with our intelligence community places all American lives in grave peril, regardless of our political affiliations.


Texters face small penalty

People who text while they are driving know that what they are doing is extremely dangerous and illegal, and yet they are all smiles as they continue to do it. They realize there are no serious consequences to their actions – even if the police enforce the law against it.

In fact, these people are criminals, making our roads and highways perilous to themselves and the rest of us.

There seems to be no other choice than to make this persistent offense a misdemeanor, complete with revocation of the drivers license and two mandatory weekends in jail.


Quizzing Flynn

So Michael Flynn is taking the Fifth Amendment in the investigation of the Russian connection to him and the Trump campaign.

No worries. Former president George W. Bush and the current president, Donald Trump, have both been in favor of "enhanced interrogation techniques." I wonder if that endorsement pertains to retired US Army Lt. Generals and National Security Advisors?


Speaking of Donald Trump, Michael Flynn


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