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Feedback 7/13 

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Leave the Loop out of it

What is it with Rochesterians who are so obsessed with having an Inner Loop that they can't even resist bringing it up in a letter about Whole Foods in Pittsford? (Feedback, July 6.)

Boston, New York, San Francisco, and many other cities thrive without an inner loop. By the time you are as close to the center city as the Loop, you should simply expect to use city streets. If you want to get past the city in a hurry, use 390, 490 or 590.


What about the first responders?

I read the article by Melissa Lang with interest ("Blood, sweat, and tears," July 6). It was a very good piece and it should cause people to think and reflect on the terrible things that first responders go through.

It should also make people reject the anti-police mentality that appears to have been promulgated by some folks who lack the wisdom to get the full story about the various police shootings that have been publicized of late.

We have, right now, a rush-to-judgment mentality as some members of the community are in denial and seek to glorify and cash in on the families' grief. Most people, of all persuasions, can actually go through life without any contact with law enforcement. Folks should understand that concept.


Balance art and commerce

I completely agree with Mary Anna's Towler's Urban Journal article about "Art, ads, and the image we show to the world (July 6)." I have conducted brand research among Rochester residents, and it is clear that "small town feel, big city culture" is a winning brand message.

The first part refers to our short commutes, low housing costs, good schools, quaint villages, and general friendliness. The second part is what really excites people; we offer a culture and arts scene that rivals that of much bigger cities but at significantly lower costs with much greater accessibility. It is a winning combination, especially for professional couples who enjoy the culture that accompanies urban life but who are tired of big city hassles.

We should showcase our arts and culture at our airport. I travel the world and can attest to dozens of airports that better showcase these things on behalf of their cities.

As a marketer and business owner, I understand the need for selling advertising space. But having said that, an important role of an airport is to showcase a municipality's strengths. And aesthetics and the arts do matter when people are considering places to live and work and even locate their businesses.


Praise for Eastman Dental conversion

This is a fantastic example of the power of the historic rehabilitation tax credit system at work (News, July 6). This type of funding has shown to be a good investment for the federal and state government with returns in the form of increased tax revenue from the owners of the building as well as from the higher wages paid to the professionals and craftspeople who made the rehabilitation possible.


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