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Funny answers 

Clever answers that tickle our funnybone.

Best answers

You, gentle readers, are the best Greater Rochester has to offer. Here are some of your more creative responses to our poll:

Dive bar: "Isn't this category really 'Best Lux Lounge'?"

Place to take the kids: "I'm going to have to say, 'away.'"; "Mt Hope Cemetery"

Place for a first date: "Comics Etc. (to reveal the real you)"; "Tally Ho"

Place for a last date: "VAY SCHLEICH MEESON FUNERAL HOME"; "The zoo --- looking at caged up animals makes you wanna run free!"; "My apartment so I can kick you out"

Place to find affordable gas: "Cars parked on the street"; "I don't know. Venezuela?"; "My hubby's butt."

Tailor: "Mother-in-law"

Place to buy a used car: "Not that huge guy"; "Who buys a used car?"

Honest auto repair: "If you're concerned about honesty, just do it yourself"; "They're ALL crooks!! (and my hubby's in the business)"

Place to shop for a kid's birthday present: "Beers of the World"; "Show World (just kidding)"; "How about not raising consumer automatons for a change?"

Tattoo parlor: "Is there one that's not racist?"

Car wash: "My driveway & my kids"; "Whoa-oo whoa-oo whoa-oo whoa-oo!!"

Band name: "Tony Danza's Tap Dance Extravaganza"

Gay bar: "We shouldn't bar gays from anything."

Playground: "Bar Fly"

Place to people watch: "This makes no grammatical sense. Do you mean people-watch?"; "The mall (it's hilarious and fun)"; "Vegas"

Spa: "Dinosaur Bar-B-Que"; "I don't need no stinkin' spa"; "In my backyard"; "Ugh"

Sports Team: "Lux Euchre players"

Gym: "Solve two problems: ride a bike"

Bowling alley: "I have yet to see a bowling alley that is distinguishable from any other."


Public pool: "Mondays when Herman lets you play for free at the Bug Jar"; "What's the difference, I pee in them all!!"

Beach: "The illegal one."

Local news story of 2006: "That tree that looked like Jesus"; "FaithTemplebookbag giveaway"; "Bobby vs. Godzilla"

Commercial for a local business: "HUGH-FucilloHundai"; "House of Guitars -- who else could get away with the same ad for 30 years?"

News crew: "13, I guess ... not that I watch regularly, but I like looking at Miranda Stone."

Weatherman: "God"

Politician in need of a smack to the head: "All of them--with the Constitution. Dumbasses"

Place to see & be seen: "An eyeglass store"

Greater Rochester bragging point: "Second Highest Homicide Rate"; "Greenness" "I don't see as many hobos on the street these days...I think they all were taken to jail"; "We're not as bad off as Buffalo"

Use of public funds: "Fix my goddamn street!"

Misuse of public funds: "The Springfield Monorail er...I mean the Fast Ferry"

Local celebrity: "Bucky Phillips"; "NOT TEDDY GEIGER!!!!!!!!"; "Pisspot the Rabbit"; "Tim Beideck. He's such a nice guy."

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