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In with the old 

It's possible that the rumors are true: They just don't build things like they used to. As you'll see in the following pages, people are restoring old homes, reclaiming old records for art, picking up old furniture from the side of the road, and essentially tossing that whole "new is better" thing out the window.

            There must be a reason for the appeal. From Victorian-era homes to 1960s wig boxes, knowing eyes are cast backward. What are they looking at? Better construction, old-world charm, forgotten trends? Read on and find out.

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In This Guide...

  • Reversing time

    The ticks and whirs of dozens of clocks --- a gentle but bustling presence --- follow you as you walk through Fran and John Sadden's 1830 cobblestone house. When asked how many there are, Fran looks around and sighs: "a lot."

  • Seeing possibilities in mansions and cupboards

    There is much to adore in Mark Siwiec's 6,000-square-foot house, but his second favorite room (after the porch) is a cupboard under the stairs that he has converted into an audio closet --- with shelf upon shelf of CDs and a stereo whose speakers are tucked away into corners of the living and dining rooms.             "Techno Harry Potter," observes his partner, Duffy Palmer.

  • There was treasure beneath the Marlite

    Even after all the work Philip and Harriette Greaser put into unearthing, stripping, and cleaning the woodwork in their house, they are very forgiving of the people who at one time tried to cover it. "It was the style," Philip says.

  • Home sweet homes in the making

    Bill Owen, a graduate student living in Rochester between his semesters at Goddard College in Vermont, wanted to put music on his walls. Instead of buying posters of favorite bands or concerts, he bought records.


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