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Inbox - 1.25.06 

Remarkable correspondence from the consistently unremarkable world of email

The following emails from anonymous people were sent to the webmaster of a site called Thumb Sucking Adults. The site is home to a community of adults who have one gentle habit in common (which should be pretty obvious). The letters exhibit some serious catharsis, and all of them are bold, interesting, and honest. Most of these are letters from around the year 1999 and are artifacts from a world most of us don't even realize exists. If you have a special email you'd like to share, please send it to

--- Michael Neault

To: Webmaster

From: L

Yes, I have been caught in the car. I usually don't care who sees me, so long as they do not acknowledge it. But this one time, a truck driver who was in a vehicle higher up than mine, saw me and then honked his horn and when I looked, put his thumb in his mouth in ridicule of me. I immediately gave him the finger. It was a gut reaction, and I was pissed. But then we were stuckin traffic together and I had to keep passing him. It was annoying and terrible. My dentist told me the way I suck my thumb has made my nose tip up slightly and I wondered if that was common. Personaly I think it's cute.

To: Webmaster

From: J

My name is Jenifer, I am 20 years old and I still suck my thumb. I am engaged to be married, my fiance knows and does'nt really like me to do it. My whole family knows, but a couple of my friends don't. I enjoy it, and I don't plan on quitting any time soon. Although I do have a small callus on my left thumb...

To: Webmaster

From: J

Hello, my name is [name removed] and I live in england. I am 46 and still single. I have sucked my left thumb for as long as I can remember. I was breast fed and my mum used to let me get in bed with her because I used to get frightened at night of car headlights that made some weird patterns on the ceiling. I used to feel the satin bra straps on the back with my fingers which comforted me.

To: Webmaster

From: T

I am 60 years old... this habit of mine has a soothing, put myself back together kind of feeling that I do so enjoy. Loved ones over the years have totally embarrassed me because of it. I have told family members that I stopped years ago. I recently "came out" to family again and have risked ridicule and received ridicule... thumb sucking has remained the one and only true, kind and constant in my life. It has never hurt me and it never will. People have hurt me, people have embarrassed me over this seemingly innocent habit.


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