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Remarkable correspondence from the consistently unremarkable world of email

Made in 2003 by Canadian director Lee Demarbre, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter is a film that has elicited extreme reactions, both positive and negative, from audiences. Following are three emails Mr. Demarbre received in response to his film. Please note: all emails are printed verbatim.

1- To Whom It May Concern,

I deeply despise you and your movie, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. It is fully disgusting and disrespectful to the Catholic Church around the world. I hope you realize what you have done, and I just wanted you to know that you blastfimed. You probably don't know or even care what that is but it is when someone says something false about God. And That IS WHAT YOU DID. I can't believe that someone would go out of there way to disrespect people. Jesus is not AN ACTION HERO. He is the Holiest of Holy and the Almighty Son of God and you made fun of him. HOW DARE YOU? HOW DARE YOU? All the things I saw in your trailer made me sick. Please reply and tell me you excuse for all this disrespect for God.


A VERY insulted Christian

2- First of all lets get something straight Jesus Christ the Son of GOD would never kill lesbian vampires. can we not pick up a Bible??? every has the chance to repent of their sins, why make a mockery of Jesus?? repeat of 2000 years ago rember when we he died for our sins??? yes mine and yours!! Hes a just God and you should not be making fun have you heard of the sins you CAN NOT GET FORGIVEN FOR???? you need to look it up im not judging you but please dont make fun of the ONLY ONE that was fit to leave his Glory which i remind you he didnt have to but he did because of unconditional LOVE he has for every soul on this planet no matter what the race or color so please back of the junk you are putting out!!!!

3- Why would someone make such a stupid movie?? What is wrong with you???

Speaking of Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter


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