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Re: “Feedback 2/14

Why do I have to keep saying this, the same thing every time? Month after month, year after year, it's the same thing. How long until someone finally listens? We did not invent the term "gun nut" yesterday. Or last month, or the year before.

A friend of Cruz said: "I did know he really did like guns a lot, but I didnt think he would cause such tragedy."

"A student who told ABC News that he participated in Junior ROTC with Cruz described him as a psycho. Cruz was a well-known weapons enthusiast, the student said."

The NRA and it's thousand stooges will say "it's too soon to talk about anything, let the grief pass so we can be rational." Next, it's "people kill people, not guns," and finally it'll be "this is merely a mental health issue, nothing to do with guns, golly geez, if there was only a way to tell who's a nut."

And here we are again, for some fucked up reason I have to say this yet again: a strong interest in guns is, IN AND OF ITSELF, a mental illness.

Whatever, you know how this one will play out, you've seen it a few dozen times, so I'll just see you back here in a week or two.

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Posted by Luc Du Nord on 02/15/2018 at 5:59 AM

Re: “Las Vegas, guns, and the evil of inaction

Cupid, in a response at, loving and derisive, justifies his/her/its guns with: "If you choose to be a victim, that's your prerogative."

Kellyanne "Iron Eardrums" Conway says that the 2nd Amm. is a bedrock pillar of the American Constitution. If you just ask her, she'd hungrily leap at the chance to say that Christianity is indeed the primary bedrock pillar of the Constitution.

Here's where it gets dicey: "If you choose to be a victim, that's your prerogative" is, itself, a 'bedrock pillar' of Christianity.

If a preacher says on Sunday "Fight back," then that's not Christianity anymore. If a preacher on Friday says "Go forth and fight," then that's not Islam any longer. Kinda makes you choose, doesn't it? Words of man or words of god, which one to believe, it's no wonder that people who tend to accumulate weapons also tend to have psychological troubles.

This whole week, NRA is again turning towards mental illness as the real enemy. As predicted. So let's take the bait. It is fairly obvious by now, that the desire to possess multiple heavy weapons has a strongly positive correlation with mental illness.

If someone desires a lot of guns, or if someone desires the most powerful weapons they can find, then it's a pretty clear sign that the person is particularly unsuited to own a plethora of weapons, and psychologically unready to possess heavy weapons.

If the main enemy is mental illness, well, it's not like we invented the term "gun nut" on Monday.

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Posted by Luc Du Nord on 10/07/2017 at 2:39 AM

Re: “Las Vegas, guns, and the evil of inaction

Sense. Sensibility. Common sense, senseless violence. Where is the venn
diagram that makes it sensible, that tiny intersection which makes a
solution possible?

Sarah "My Dad Is A Jackass" Sanders says that today is not the day to talk
about gun nuts, on the same day the NRA ceased responding to
correspondents. Makes sense both, if you're in the gun business.

Makes some time, to blend the edges of outrage with emapthy, to bend the
blame from guns to mental illness. Very skilled and highly paid experts
will spend all of October nudging rage onto a bump-stock rather than a
bumper crop of gun sales every time this happens. Thus, a single law which
the NRA will grudgingly allow but later use to soak their folks for money
all Autumn long. Honestly, i can see the future here, who can't? It's as
clear as a fing bell.

OK, so let's follow the reins of our prescribed docility and look at mental
illness first. If someone wants to possess an AR-15 or an AK-47, is that an
indicator of civic martial responsibility, or a sign of mental illness? If
someone feels the need to possess more than two guns, when they themselves
only have two hands, is this a sign of obsessive compulsion, or mere

Saw a bumpersticker that said "What Part Of 'Shall Not Infringe' Don't You

Made me wish i had a bumpersticker that says "What Part Of 'Well Regulated
Militia' Don't You Understand?"

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Posted by Luc Du Nord on 10/05/2017 at 4:33 AM

Re: “The State of Our County: divided and complacent

How is any of this surprising? The top-down Republican response since the election has been "suck whatever's in front of you".

This whole presidential election cycle, i only did one real and true spit-take, where i actually spooed what i was drinking out and onto the screen. Odd, there are usually more of those moments in a quadrennial election, when things go haywire fast as various campaigns start to leak oily smoke and sputter to a stop. But this time, only once. Maybe i was sipping less in 2016.

That one spit-take came in the Spring of '16, when i saw Trump do an interview where he says to the journalist: "I'm smart, I have a really good brain." And i immediately lost control of my drink, trying to laugh and breathe at the same time, while trying not to breathe liquid. Did he really just say that? Yes he did, omigod, he doesn't even know, it's not an act!

That was a year ago. Now in the Spring of '17, things are different. Back then, Donald "Littlefinger" Trump was just bashing a couple dozen Republicans, which wasn't real hard to do this time around. Reagan's ghost is still arching over the Republican party, it's a benevolent spirit, but it's shading out some sunlight that was overdue in the 20-aughts. Instead, we spent most of the 20-aughts with Bush II, which were essentially the fourth and fifth terms of Ronald Reagan.

So no wonder that the Republicans in 2016 were an undergrown crop. No wonder that a pre-famoused bullshitter with no political record to cover behind, over-ran all the Repubs. The funniest demise was Rubio, who spent his final week trying to sling insults in imitation of Trump but shockingly, Marco Rubio has no sense of comedic timing. Second-funniest was Jeb Bush who had all the donors wishing Jeb had bigger pockets, but he just didn't seem all that interested in being president after all.

No wonder at all, that a NYC slicker elbowed past that crowd. What was a wonder, is that a slicker beat out a well qualified statesman with impeccable connections. That is what the Electoral College was designed to prevent in the first place, no? Back to the drawing board on that thing, but we have what we have. Been a couple of months, so what do we have?

By now, it's obvious that we have a president who could be fairly gullible. An aide tells him that his Electoral College victory was historic, and Trump assumes that it was numerically superior to anything ever in history, ever. A sheepish Kel says to Donny "The crowd was great," after the inauguration address. Trump assumes that means it was the biggest crowd to ever watch a swearing-in, big-league, tops, all-time.

An internet kook tells him that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, and he spends eight years, correctly seven and three-quarters kooky years, trying to prove some racist jackass fantasy. The current President might tend towards the gullible.

Far-fetched statistics about immigrants become an article of truth to Donald, and it becomes federal policy overnight. He heard someone say once, that the gubbermint hears ever'thing anyways, and Trump extrapolated that, because he has a great brain, to mean that "Obama was watching me." We don't even need to talk about Russky stuff, before it becomes apparent. Even a president can be fairly gullible. Witness Taft and the first Johnson.

Someone told Donald that the Republican House of Representatives had been working on a replacement for Obamacare for 8 years already, and it was good to go. Later Trump says "Who knew health care was so complicated?" He retweeted The Onion, fergodssake. He might be a little gullible.

So far, it seems like he believes a hodge-podge of odd things and also really wants people to like him. I think that's kinda the definition of gullible.

For the most part, you cant respect people, because most people arent worthy of respect. -- Donald J Trump

Somebody, somewhere in Donny's upbringing, taught him that lesson. Or maybe a combination of somebodys over a period. We don't know. What we do know, is that the entire history of human religions is a struggle to overcome that very "lesson". Animism to deism to monotheism, it's pretty f*cking clear where this trendline is going, right?

But someone has convinced Donald that there is an underclass of unrespectables which comprises "most people". No, maybe that is the true definition of gullible.

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Posted by Luc Du Nord on 05/19/2017 at 6:43 AM

Re: “Trumpcare’s dead, but its philosophy lives on

This UJ strikes a chord, and a subject i've been wondering about too. Where has the civility gone from government, where has the christian ideal of charity leaked out of the religious right? Seems like compassion and charity are now the province of the political left, who are statistically less likely to be christians. Funny how that shakes out, hey?

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Posted by Luc Du Nord on 04/01/2017 at 4:31 AM

Re: “Feedback 8/17

What the hell's wrong with you all? Sure, the Republican half-nelson on County government ensures an endless procession of scandals and slushy deals, but there is an actual rebirth going on around here. 40 years around here and i watched it all go down, but it's starting to come back as a new thing. Rochester is actually on the rise again. As shocked as you, be assured. But all i read in locals is the same old downers, there's this problem and that crisis, and omygod people want to pay to advertise in the airport.

Honestly, what's wrong with you all? Take a step backwards to get a wider viewpoint. Look at Western New York as a thing. Rochester is not only in the center, but on a Great Lake. Syracuse has no Great Lake. Buffalo is way too far on the end, and they get the minor Great Lake. Buffy gets a falls, but they got no Finger Lakes, and their Canal only goes one way: to Rochester. Our Canal goes both ways. Oh crap, that came out wrong. Ooof, so did that, sorry, next point:

We have no hurricanes, monsoons, nor cyclones, nor are we even eligible for two of those. Don't get tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes or tsunamis, and no 10-foot lizards going bitish on our toddlers and pets. A handful of 90º days in a Hot Year, sometimes none. A foot of snow some days in a Snow Year, but we never seem to get the extreme dumpings that Buffalo and Syracuse get. Lots of insects can't survive our winter, including Killer Bees and Zika Skeeters.

In a lovely accident of climatology and geography, further biology and hydrology, Rochester is the planet Earth's sweet spot. The central reason is the Bays: Braddock, Irondequoit, and Sodus. They break up what would otherwise be serious weather fronts from the northwest, just as the hill-lake-hill pattern of the Finger Lakes breaks up tornado systems from the southwest and hurricane leftovers from the southeast. And we're too far inland to get Nor'easters, put down the compass and pay attention.

40 years in Roc, but been to 45 of 50, and several other countries too, and in my experience, Rochester is the sweet spot. So why aren't we using that as a business development tool, a recruitment perk, a tourist bureau slogan? Only takes half a dunce to see where the worldwide climate is going, and while the downpours we get will be more torrential, the days of Rochester being known as Rainchester are over. From here on out, we will have one of the best climates in the US... and immune to rising sea levels, did i mention that?

Just about the only natural disaster we can have is a big space rock falling into Lake Ontario. That would flock us up pretty good. But other than that, the effects of a warming climate are going to be nothing but awesome for Rochester. If we really want to be the Flower City, we should start planting magnolia trees along all the city's streets. Start today. We know what new climate is coming. Rochester is already a sweet spot in a temperate climate, now just imagine what we'd look like as a semi-temperate climate: truthfully, this place is poised to become an Eden.

If your religious tradition bans you from the folly of imitating Eden, it surely allows you to accept a new Eden if one is placed before you. Rochester might be that place. We can't be the film city anymore. If we're going to be the Flower City, then we picked a darned lucky theme, considering the coming climate changes and our city's geography, micdrop.

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Posted by Luc Du Nord on 08/18/2016 at 3:12 AM

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