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Re: “Who is the face of public safety in Rochester at this moment?

The face of Public Safety in Rochester is still the police Chief James Sheppard as it should be. Who ever is looking for accountability should go find him.

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Posted by mabarry on 12/02/2013 at 9:54 PM

Re: “Richards clarifies his intentions, sort of

Just all of us get out and vote, we do not have to worry about Richards and his team anymore.

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Posted by mabarry on 11/05/2013 at 8:10 AM

Re: “Richards clarifies his intentions, sort of

Now he will collect his second defeat by himself. No need to send a proxy to do it for him.

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Posted by mabarry on 11/04/2013 at 6:56 PM

Re: “How much do we really care about democracy?

Rochester’ mayoral election: the city is ready to move on from Tom Richards while welcoming its new mayor Lovely Warren

Last September, the primary voters of the Democratic Party elected Lovely Warren over the incumbent mayor Tom Richards; and yet, the sitting mayor was the candidate of the establishment. The election results left most people in shock, because no credible political analyst or statistical polls couldn’t predict the debacle of Richards ‘campaign. However, the supporters of Lovely, known as the ‘’Believers’’, were convinced and expected the positive outcome of their efforts. Now, after the party backed the winner of the primary election and Richards, graciously and with humility, withdrew his campaign and announced his support to his former competitor; still few Richards’s fervent supporters are working hard to put him back into office by using the back-door means through the Independence and Working Family lines. They believe their defeat came from the low turnout of their voters- i.e. the white electorate- and the ‘’ cynical tactic’’ attributed to Lovely campaign which is, allegedly, based on racial divide. Ironically, they are using the same tool which they formerly criticize their opponent of making use of.
In fact, Liz Serling wrote an article: ‘’Tom Richards is who the times, and Rochester, need’’ in which she said ‘’and I really hope Lovely Warren continues to advocates a different type of voice about the tale of our two cities, because she is educated serious and passionate about our community’’. It is clear, this statement intent to discredit Lovely and to depict her as a divider of our communities. In doing so, one may think, the Richards supporters are engaging in the same strategy they are accusing their opponent of. Thus, this is a loaded concept that signals to the white communities of Rochester that, it is acceptable to reject Lovely Warren and reinstate their candidate in office. With her article, Liz is suggesting that Lovely Warren should stop telling the truth about the situation of our beloved city and find something else to talk about. I believe’’ the tale of our two cities’’ is based on the facts. Although, this reality doesn’t fall on Richards administration alone, because the situation has been there way before Richards became the Mayor. In addition I found misguided to ask Lovely Warren to bury the truth about the gap that exists between our different communities. How can you fix something broken, if you are ignoring the reality of it- to begin with?
Now, what is clear is that, Richards’ friends are playing ‘’kitchen sink’’ politics, by throwing everything and anything on Lovely’ campaign. At first, they question her qualifications and skills; but it did not work well for them because her long experience as a public servant (city council member and president) shows she is more qualified than Richards at the time he became Mayor about three years ago. Then, they came up with Lovely Warren will not be an independent mayor. A well -connected friend of mine told me that ‘’those people cannot stand David Gantt and that is the main reason, they are doing this’’. However, they should remember Lovely is an independent individual, ‘’educated, serious and passionate about our community’’, if you want to believe Liz Serling’ words! Thus, you get to believe Lovely when she says ‘’I am an independent thinker. I have a Bachelor’ degree in Government, and I have a law degree. All those things I have earned on my own right and I stand on my own two feet’’. Finally, they are coming back to the accusation of racial divide. It’s a scare tactic intended to deny Lovely the majority of the’ ’white vote’’. However, their plight becomes a lost cause.
In fact, I can assure you the call that Lovely Warren made has been already heard and answered, there is no going back. When she said ‘’ no one can look at this seat and look at the city and do it by themselves. It has to be all hands on deck’’, all the citizens of this city nodded their heads and said we support you and we are with you to overcome the challenges of our communities. As a volunteer with Lovely campaign, I can report to you about my experience acquired on the ground. For months, now, I have seen during my many walks door to door or working on the phone, there is a great interest of our communities in Lovely campaign and her agenda for this city. If you visit her campaign headquarters situated at the different locations you would find crowds of fine men and women from the white community working tirelessly for the success of her campaign. Believe me, none of them is what you may consider as ‘’crazy white liberal, do gooder’’. You also would see small business owners stopping by to express their support with cakes and candies as treats for the volunteers. These people are supporting Lovely because they know she is one of those few politicians who speaks her mind. They like the fact that she is telling it like it is. Who wouldn’t like to hear the truth out of the mouth of a politician these days? They are supporting Lovely because they believe in her agenda on the education of our children, safety of our streets and economic development of our city. Finally, they are supporting her because they know, she will use a great sense of pragmatism to solve this city issues.
Amusingly, I red in different papers some ‘assertions’ from friends of Richards that, the revival of his campaign is worrying Lovely’ camp, however what they don’t realize is that, from the day they made public their intention, the volunteers became more excited and motivated than ever before. I also noticed the citizens of Rochester show more interest in Lovely campaign because they felt unfairness from the Richards ‘friends deeds. At the end their attempt became a vehicle of motivation and source of energy for Lovely people. Finally, I can say Rochester is ready to thank Tom Richards for his service (God bless him and his family) but our communities are moving on and are welcoming our next mayor: Lovely Warren.
I am convinced that everyone will get out and vote, to do his/her part in supporting Lovely because no one would want to miss the boat that will make history- which is electing our next first female mayor. I can say I am proud of being part of it.

Hammel Barry

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Posted by mabarry on 11/01/2013 at 10:50 AM

Re: “ENDORSEMENT: Still the best candidate for mayor: Tom Richards

This is what you wrote:
As Warren has noted repeatedly, Rochester is very much two communities: one is "growing, prosperous, and has a bright future." The other, "often invisible Rochester," she says, "is characterized by high rates of unemployment, crime, poverty, and despair."
The residents of both of those communities – but particularly those of the poorest and most vulnerable – need and deserve the best mayor possible. We remain convinced that Tom Richards is that person

Pardon me!!! Did I hear you right? Last time I checked, Mr. Richards has been our mayor for over 4 yours now. If he is the best mayor possible as you tend to believe, why, then, ‘’Rochester is, still, very much two communities’’.
Mayor Richards may be a good manager but not good enough to solve this city problems. Definitely, he is lacking of vision needed to solve the difficult situation of our city. Therefore, the citizens of Rochester need to move on, and elect the best candidate between the two competitors who are actively campaigning. I know Lovely Warren is the better fit for this job. I don’t need to list her qualifications because you already did.
Thus, I am calling the citizens of Rochester to confirm the choice that democrats made last September and elect Lovely Warren as our next mayor. DON'T ALLOW YOURSELF TO MISS THE BOAT THAT WILL MAKE HISTORY. ELLECT OUR FIRST FEMALE MAYOR.

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Posted by mabarry on 10/28/2013 at 11:29 AM

Re: “Richards' press conference probably won't end speculation

ROCStar, you are asking me how do I know, who is part of their campaign?
This is the answer below:

1. I am a concerned citizen of this city
2. I am curious about anything political around this environment
3. It became an open secret, about who is who in this campaign due to the different mistakes Richards’ supporters made.
Thank you for asking.

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Posted by mabarry on 10/27/2013 at 11:35 AM

Re: “Richards' press conference probably won't end speculation

Race, may play a big role but, also , some people want to keep their position inside Richards' administration and outside favors. This so called '' grassroots'' is nothing else but mere personal gain and have nothing to do with the interests of the citizens of Rochester. What is amazing, however, is Richards attitude in being unable to give straight answer about people acting on his behalf. It seems to me he is conflicted between his desire to do right and the evil push of his ''friends''. Every sensible person knows that an executive wont have any difficulty of ordering people acting on his/her own behalf to stop what they are doing. If there is a lesson to be learned from this, is Democratic party should reconsider the way betting their candidates. From now on, democrats should not accept a candidate who is supported by other parties. H. Barry

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Posted by mabarry on 10/24/2013 at 8:43 AM

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