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Re: “Republicans' tax plan as a nation-shaper

Yes, from an impartial viewpoint allowing Cisco and others to repatriate overseas $ for the purpose of stock buy-backs is sure to boost their exec compensation - maybe they won't have to lay off so many Americans to keep their stock value in line with analyst projections!

And when their top rate goes down and AMT is eliminated, they'll have even more $ to give their kids when they pay no estate tax - that's a great deal for the Middle Class and their kids and kid's kids - who will have to pay interest on the increased debt from yet another financed tax cut that did absolutely nothing but harm for them and to the country's fiscal well-being. Our economy did so well with the Bush cuts the middle class positively exploded with cash. We can all follow that Laffer curve rainbow to our personal pot O gold!

Capping the deduction for state and local property taxes is another big win for the middle class, especially here in NY, where we already send more money to the Federal Govt than we get back! What's a the harm in sending even more of our money to other states that deride us for our high taxes and public services.

Eliminating my exemptions and leaving me with a comparatively lesser-valued standard deduction is another big win! I don't have to take my taxes to a professional where the cost for prep was more than offset by my increased return. My old accountant won't miss the business either, he already had his hands full at tax-time - another double win for the middle class!

The list goes on, thank heavens the Govt is finally addressing some of the structural issues that are ruining the nation as a whole.

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Posted by Miller on 12/06/2017 at 8:56 AM

Re: “Republicans' tax plan as a nation-shaper

Call it what it is - class warfare.
And then be honest with yourself - the Dems supported 80% of this Bill. Only difference is they wouldn't have included ANY cuts to offset the loss in revenue.

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Posted by Miller on 12/05/2017 at 2:29 PM

Re: “Republicans' housing shakedown

@ Luxembourg
I agree renters don't get the deduction, and also unlikely to receive any trickle down benefit from these deductions currently. However they are sure to see rent go up as a result.

Equal or more venom should be aimed at the plan to tax student loan interest, state income taxes, student tuition waivers etc etc, while, among other things lowering the taxes on pass-through income (how does one defend this?!!).

This tax "overhaul" is in-your-face class warfare. No need or reason to pretend otherwise anymore or to avoid calling it like it is. The Dems are on-board with the bulk of it anyway even as a clear majority of Americans are not, and why should they be. To bad they have no political influence in this republic, since they cannot offer contributions now, or jobs when the political creatures who supposedly represent them "retire".

This so called reform will add to the debt and deficit when it is already an unpayable 20 trillion and defense spending is off the charts. At a time when our military cannot do the two things it is expressly created to do - protect the border and defend the constitution. They're too busy protecting the interests of the financial elite overseas. Back home real unemployment is over 20%, debt service is over 400 billion/year, almost the same amount as the deficit. Interest rates are near zero and corporations are clocking record amounts of capital. This country's economy is deliberately sinking into third-world status and this legislation will only tie a rock to it, as intended.

Posted by Miller on 12/04/2017 at 12:20 PM

Re: “GOP budget would hurt urban revival efforts

The state can still issue their 20%.
In many cases these older buildings are better off being taken down anyway. The cost of remediation of outdated and hazardous building materials is more than the buildings are worth. It would be nice to keep the character but who wants to pull $ out of their pocket for it?

Honestly, this tax cut bill has so many provisions that amount to all out class warfare I'm surprised this is even on the radar.

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Posted by Miller on 11/20/2017 at 7:24 AM

Re: “The nation under Trump

By all means DO go and check out:

Spoiler alert - it isn't going to make you feel any better about the present state of or future of climate change.

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Posted by Miller on 11/13/2017 at 7:37 AM

Re: “Which side are you on? Trump, morality, and us

I'm not giving anyone a pass when it comes to radical violence, or infringing on the rights of people to peaceably assemble. I am not in any way a supporter of Anitfa when it comes to unlawful violence - their energy would be better spent picketing and letter writing in Washington DC if they are serious about combating Fascism.

That said, anyone marching under the black sun or other Nazi or fascist symbols should not expect to be given any sort of wide berth or deference to their message in the public sphere. This country buried many sons in foreign soil to stop the original followers of those ideologies, belief systems infused with the will to use violence in their furtherance. Still, absent an actual call to violence these present day adherents have every right to air their views as much as is possible in a shouting match.

As the activist Left is so often tarred by any association with their more radical elements, so to should be the Right, feel free to call Foul. Most recently every Leftist/Centrist gathering of note in the US has been reasonably well self policed to keep these elements largely dormant (Occupy, DAPL required vows of non-violence among participants), whereas on the Right they appear to not only be encouraged but to form the core of those taking to the streets. They also appear to be given much greater latitude by LE (Bundy, Malheur) for actions that would have triggered a full on police riot if perpetrated by the Left.

Until Charlottsville, The DOJ at the urging of GOP leaders had all but eliminated investigations into white nationalist and Right Wing radical organizations while they actively infiltrate and surveil virtually any Leftist organization that comes to their attention.

FWIW I consider myself a Centrist on the order of a Nixon-era Republican, basically what the current Right views as a full blown Commie anarchist. I view the extreme Right as being a larger danger than the extreme Left (or Jihadis with exception of 9/11 for that matter) in this country, and the facts overwhelmingly bear this out.

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Posted by Miller on 08/28/2017 at 12:54 PM

Re: “Which side are you on? Trump, morality, and us

I predicted this a few years ago. As the US descends into Banana Republic status and the economy continues to contract, the Right Wing will take to the streets. It is important to turn them out when they do. As ugly as it is, this is one example of direct democracy in action.

The PTB will always attempt to woo or co-opt these hateful groups, as their goals are at least partly in line with those of the political patron class, especially when they are used against Leftists and (in today's climate) Centrists. Don't expect Republicans at the Federal level to speak out on this, or LE to take a proactive approach to infiltrating these groups as they do with left leaning organizations - no matter how benign.

The amount of leniency allowed to folks who showed up with shields and hand weapons marching under bonafide Nazi emblems is amazing - imagine the reaction if any of the Occupy encampments had decided to take up arms.

If someone of the Muslim faith had driven into a crowd of people, they'd have been charged with terrorism and/or disappeared into some interrogation center or shot dead when apprehended. We are "living in interesting times".

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Posted by Miller on 08/23/2017 at 2:32 PM

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