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Re: “The year full of news about Donald Trump

And in a timely bit of news, both parties have agreed to eliminate the sequester funding limits, increasing military spending even beyond what the President has called for, financing it it with "cuts to mandatory spending programs elsewhere in the budget..."

The phrase "mandatory spending program" is no longer allowed in official administration documents, from any department.

Never mind the unpayable 20+ trillion in debt the govt currently owes, or the fact the Pentagon cannot account for the $ they currently receive and haven't been able to for decades.

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Posted by Miller on 02/08/2018 at 7:41 AM

Re: “The year full of news about Donald Trump

The Congressional Dems are MIA in Washington.

While in the minority they have plenty of opportunity to play hardball with Trump and the GOP. Where is the concerted opposition to any of Trump's initiatives? This is an administration that is filling federal bench vacancies with narry a murmur of opposition after years of GOP obstruction created a huge backlog of openings. An administration that needs Dem support on emergency spending bills and is getting it for free. An administration that is increasing military spending to the Pentagon, an agency we have recently learned, that lost 800 million just in 2016 alone. And this is to be paid for with entitlement reforms.

The Trump presidency has been years in the making, and far from a disaster, is turning into a huge triumph for the folks that fund the GOP...and the DNC for that matter. The political process is working perfectly - rip off the little guy and distract them with identity politics.

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Posted by Miller on 02/06/2018 at 11:50 AM

Re: “Collins' Trump support draws big slate of opponents

Maxwell is too good a Doctor to waste as a politician.

Congress needs a criminal psychiatrist not a surgeon.

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Posted by Miller on 02/02/2018 at 8:54 AM

Re: “Questions dog Cuomo tax gambit

The stated purpose behind taxing tax dollars paid to state and local govts is to make the code more fair - we supposedly get a break on our federal taxes compared to residents of low or no state-tax regions.

I say the Governor should propose legislation that would limit how much more in Federally funded services an individual state can get over what they pay in, to no more than a few cents on the dollar. Since NY pays far more in than it gets back we'd either get our Federal taxes lowered or benefit from more Federal programs employing people and buying goods/services in NY.

Its only fair after all.

If its good for the goose its good for the gander - he should have called out the crooks who wrote this legislation when it was first proposed, and in the most volatile of language. There is no good fix for this now other than a repeal of that part of the legislation.

An added payroll tax will be impossible to tailor in the same manner as an income tax. He and Gillibrand and Schumer, and all of our House members, Dem and Republican alike should unite to complain loud and long about this, even to the point of uniting with other states that have higher local/state taxes (all of whom send more to DC than they get back) and scuttling the emergency spending package if possible. Who are these folks representing?

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Posted by Miller on 01/19/2018 at 12:39 PM

Re: “A reflection of America: the president doesn't read

@Richard Corey - I'm waiting.

The only link I can no longer find is that implicating the KLA directly via UN report. I retract that statement with apology (though I will continue to look for it as I did read such a document). The rest of my assertions are 100% fact.

Milosevic exonerated:…

Iraq Weapons inspector accused of "drinking Saddam's Kool Aid"…

Syrian "rebels" in possession of Sarin arrested in Turkey:…

FBI never examined hacked DNC servers…

Human trafficking/sex slavery/organ trafficking KLA:……

KLA (our parteners on the ground) links to Al Qaeda:…

Posted by Miller on 01/18/2018 at 10:59 AM

Re: “A reflection of America: the president doesn't read

Richard Corey, I'd like for you to cite some examples of world or national news offered up by the Times, the Post, Time magazine etc where the facts were laid out for an objective appraisal by the reader, or where serious omissions were corrected after the fact.

Take for example the entire Russiagate "probe". Based on the premise that the DNC servers were hacked by Russian agents. All the forensics were done by a private corporation. Only their analysis was given to the FBI, no government intelligence agency was given access to the actual crime scene. There is no evidence that can be presented before a judge or the public, only accusations, and yet the statement "Russian meddling" is repeated incessantly and taken as fact by many readers of MSM.

The same goes for the "Assad poison gas" story that omitted the fact CIA trained Syrian "rebels" in use and handling of Sarin and rebel cells in Turkey were arrested WITH the components for making Sarin long before the supposed attacks occurred.

The Iraq "weapons of mass destruction" story that was refuted at the time by UN weapons experts who received no air time in the US media.

I can go back to the Yugoslavia war where Milosevic was compared to a modern day Hitler but (surprise) recently exonerated by the IC at the Hague - the only UN collected evidence of systematic, institutional rape being that committed by our partners on the ground there, the KLA.

You can't make this stuff up, but you can (if you are the government and with help from complicit news outlets) make up the rationales peddled to us for intervention in every one of these instances. Skepticism or outright disbelief should be the first reaction to ANY bit of national or international news. Only local sources like the City can be taken at face value.

And so it goes. The national news is designed to prevent objective appraisal of events, when it bothers to cover actual news in the first place.

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Posted by Miller on 01/11/2018 at 7:43 AM

Re: “A reflection of America: the president doesn't read

@ Arthur Hurrat

Believe me, TJ doesn't speak for me but on a handful of subjects, but that quote was such a good response in this case I couldn't resist.

I'm just pointing out that a failure to read the newspaper or Time or Newsweek does not = a lack of informed judgement. So few outlets do any real reporting anymore, and virtually 100% of what IS offered as news is really op-ed. The last Sunday paper I bought couldn't have had 4 full pages of news in its entirety, and almost none of it international.

The easiest way to be accurately informed on Federal or international matters is just to wait for the next Govt functionary to make a proclamation and assume the opposite is gospel truth.

As for Trump, you don't need to be well read to make things up. For a President or other policy maker, facts are something you occasionally catch a meaningless glimpse of, fluttering about in the rear view mirror.

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Posted by Miller on 01/10/2018 at 11:06 AM

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