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Re: “Las Vegas, guns, and the evil of inaction

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could truly ban the use of guns for killing people, and I think many on the right would agree! I would be happy to turn in my gun if the government could protect me from any violent crime....every second of the day. Until that happens, I will fight for my right to protect myself and my family from violent acts. And I'm not an NRA member, or wish to be. I'm just a person that loves my family, and friends, and will protect them if need be. I've had a pistol permit for 40 years which I obtained for protection, not hunting. Should something be done? Of course, but what? Put a chip in the forehead of every gun owner that will analyze evil thoughts?
Banning guns will do nothing except increase the number of deaths because the common citizen has no way to protect themselves now, until the police finally get to the scene. Criminals will have easy access to buy illegal guns just like they do now. Like a previous writer can't legislate against evil effectively. Nut jobs will find another method to attain their goal. Remember the 87 people killed in the 1990's due to a fire a jealous boyfriend started at a club? Or what about the arson fire at the Holliday Inn in Greece that killed 10? A comment was made by another writer that planes and cars have another function too. So it's ok to use use these things to kill? Guns are used to hunt for food too, and sometimes to prevent attacks from wild animals.
Until you can corral the evil thoughts in people's minds, death's will occur through various means.

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Posted by Mitch on 10/06/2017 at 8:00 AM

Re: “Police training program challenged

Tim-In your article you quote from the NYT "The officer acted appropriately, even when shooting an unarmed person, even when shooting someone in the back, even when forensic evidence, witness testimony, or video footage contradicted the officer's story" Was this a jury trial? Then it was the jurors you need to fault. Mr. Lewinski didn't vote during deliberations. Also, I see you mentioned nothing of the fact that a tipster who was drinking with Mr. Stanley at the bar called the police and said he may be carrying a sawed off shotgun in the blue bag. That's when the two officers were sent to investigate. Should they not be prepared for what the tipster suggested? Nice job being balanced. I hope you follow up and write an article of how we should look up to police officers who are there to help when we call, knowing that any day they could lose their life helping others. No wonder your paper is free....

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Posted by Mitch on 09/26/2017 at 6:37 PM

Re: “Our quest to become a ‘City of the Arts’

Mark-I do respect your opinion, but famous quotes don't help come up with a solution of how and who should be paying for it. I'm tired of things being subsidized by the masses. If you feel so strongly about the Arts, instead of quotes, tell us what you would do to make it a viable business. Please don't misunderstand me, I too like the Arts as I mentioned before. I just think generating more revenue to cover expenses is the way to go.

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Posted by Mitch on 09/20/2017 at 6:37 PM

Re: “Our quest to become a ‘City of the Arts’

My wife and I enjoy going to GEVA and The Eastman Theatre to see the RPO a few times every year. But that doesn't mean I would agree that we should have a mandatory 1% come off the top for the arts with any building project in Rochester. Last week you states "Poverty, home ownership, unemployment, student achievement are all worse for people of color". Isn't addressing that financially more important than the arts? You also mention we need to "create more affordable housing for low-income artists". That tells me we have too many artists in this town. Simple supply and demand. Instead of constantly finding ways to spend other people's money, how about telling all these artists to treat it as a hobby until they make it big, and get a good job. I understand that people become artists for the love of it. But maybe they should think of the financial consequences of going down that path. Get a business degree instead. Then the supply of artists will go down, and those left will be able to flourish. You also mention that "The arts can't support themselves. We said for years that we're a City of the Arts". Who's we? And if the Arts can't support themselves, maybe they shouldn't be here. Just like the Fast Ferry which someone already mentioned. Why do people push for things where there isn't demand to support it? Why doesn't Wegmans build a store at the end of everyone's street? It would benefit so many people as each store would be far less crowded, and we could all walk to the store. Supply and demand......And please don't compare us to Boston where there are far more millionaires than there are in Rochester. Also salaries are 25-35% higher.

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Posted by Mitch on 09/18/2017 at 8:03 PM

Re: “How racist is Rochester?

Mary Anna....I can't believe you actually wrote that zoning laws, banking practices, criminal justice laws all have kept people of color impoverished. And then you state the problems have been perpetuated by those of us who are white. So are you saying banks deny loans solely on color? Or police only arrest blacks? Or blacks aren't allowed to vote? Why is it you constantly blame others for the stupidity, or lack of responsibility and pride of some of those who CHOSE to be poor. How rich were the majority of immigrants that came over here and made this country great through hard work and discipline? What entitlements were there for them? Take charge of your own destiny is the message you should be delivering! Not the woe is me and its everyone else's fault I'm poor. Are there any blacks, or latinos that live in Pittsford, Penfield, or Webster? How were all of them able to overcome? Stop inciting racial segregation! Why are so many Indians, Vietnamese, Chinese, so successful? Go to RIT or UofR and interview a few of the students there. It's how parents raised them. They were taught to work hard and that there dreams were totally in their control. Ask those students, if given a choice, would they spend money on $200 sneakers and tattoos....or on text books. Sometimes I think or entitlement system becomes a crutch for those too lazy to find a way out. Instead, why not have another child I can't afford. It's a way of admitting this is the only thing I can accomplish in life. How terrible it is to force a child to be born into poverty. Where is the shame by the mother! I hope in the future, you write an article that is more positive on how people of different races have become successful. Teach others through your paper and stop continuing to divide us!

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Posted by Mitch on 09/09/2017 at 9:23 AM

Re: “How to reduce poverty: Boost workers' wages

Hi Mark-Not sure what data you're looking for. If it's about the 11% of 19 year olds making less than MW as Miller claimed, either they are subsidized through tips, or their employer is breaking the law. I go back to the supply and demand argument. If people would strive to better themselves, there wouldn't be a supply of workers to fill the demand of the low paying jobs. If it's about the kiosks being placed, no data is needed. I've talked to store managers, as an investor, about the kiosks. I would encourage you to go talk to the wait staff if employees have been cut with the addition of these units. Yes, my survey was small, but companies don't spend thousands of dollars putting these systems in because they think it's cool. Always a profit motive, no workmen's comp for a machine, no benefits, no breaks or vacations.

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Posted by Mitch on 08/14/2017 at 8:32 AM

Re: “How to reduce poverty: Boost workers' wages

Miller-How can you say historically , increases to minimum wages don't reduce employment? Our state is in the process of raising the minimum wage over the next few years. In the last 12 months, I've seen order kiosks being installed at Applebees, Panara's, Chili's, etc. Is it a coincidence that they are being put in now versus years ago when the technology was available? Businesses are cutting employees because they don't need to raise wage rates, or benefits, for a computer terminal. The line item of salary, general administrative expenses are increasing so, from a business point of view, replacing humans makes sense. Raising prices will decrease traffic flow as many people, like seniors are on a fixed budget that doesn't increase with CPI. You also mention 11% of those under 19 make less than minimum wage. I'll bet many of those work in restaurants where tips are based on their performance. If your goal is to raise all of them to a higher wage level, doesn't that reward mediocrity as the crappy waitress will make the same as someone providing good service? Many people, including me, will not leave any tip if you raise wage rates for this group because my total costs will increase proportionately. I'm a senior on a budget. So all you've done is, temporarily gave minimum wage earners a bonus, then either normalized their income due to less tips, or sent them to the unemployment line.

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Posted by Mitch on 08/13/2017 at 10:00 AM

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