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Re: “How to reduce poverty: Boost workers' wages

Hi Mark-Not sure what data you're looking for. If it's about the 11% of 19 year olds making less than MW as Miller claimed, either they are subsidized through tips, or their employer is breaking the law. I go back to the supply and demand argument. If people would strive to better themselves, there wouldn't be a supply of workers to fill the demand of the low paying jobs. If it's about the kiosks being placed, no data is needed. I've talked to store managers, as an investor, about the kiosks. I would encourage you to go talk to the wait staff if employees have been cut with the addition of these units. Yes, my survey was small, but companies don't spend thousands of dollars putting these systems in because they think it's cool. Always a profit motive, no workmen's comp for a machine, no benefits, no breaks or vacations.

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Posted by Mitch on 08/14/2017 at 8:32 AM

Re: “How to reduce poverty: Boost workers' wages

Miller-How can you say historically , increases to minimum wages don't reduce employment? Our state is in the process of raising the minimum wage over the next few years. In the last 12 months, I've seen order kiosks being installed at Applebees, Panara's, Chili's, etc. Is it a coincidence that they are being put in now versus years ago when the technology was available? Businesses are cutting employees because they don't need to raise wage rates, or benefits, for a computer terminal. The line item of salary, general administrative expenses are increasing so, from a business point of view, replacing humans makes sense. Raising prices will decrease traffic flow as many people, like seniors are on a fixed budget that doesn't increase with CPI. You also mention 11% of those under 19 make less than minimum wage. I'll bet many of those work in restaurants where tips are based on their performance. If your goal is to raise all of them to a higher wage level, doesn't that reward mediocrity as the crappy waitress will make the same as someone providing good service? Many people, including me, will not leave any tip if you raise wage rates for this group because my total costs will increase proportionately. I'm a senior on a budget. So all you've done is, temporarily gave minimum wage earners a bonus, then either normalized their income due to less tips, or sent them to the unemployment line.

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Posted by Mitch on 08/13/2017 at 10:00 AM

Re: “How to reduce poverty: Boost workers' wages

Wow. Your logic amazes me Mary Anna. In the beginning of your article you mention how the concentration of poor is increasing in the city, and in female head of households. Later in the article you mention the flight of middle/upper income people out of the city. Doesn't that skew the data? The question should be WHY was there flight of this group. They sought opportunity? Saved to move out of the city and into the suburbs like my parents who raised us on Alphonse street? Not let's try and balance it out by increasing the wages on people who did a terrible job of controlling their career trajectory. Race has nothing to do with it. It's an insult to those African American's and Hispanics that worked hard to grab the brass ring in life. For example, I called on many very successful minority doctors, PA's, NP's, RN's. A handful of these were originally office workers making minimum wage that decided to go to nursing or med school. And some of the LPN's, or RN's were working FT and in night school. I'm just tired of hearing society needs to fix a problem that a non-motivated person created. Just like the writer Eric mentioned, live within your means and plan for your OWN success! I can recall a clinic in Wolcott, NY I was calling on where a patient, and her two kids, each had iPhones and plenty of tattoos between them, yet she checked in with her Medicaid card. At that time I had a flip phone. You mention "Inequality is built into our wages and hiring structures. We value some kinds of work, and some kinds of workers, far more than we value others." OF COURSE! I value a physician who is treating me when I'm sick, or cutting me open, versus a person asking me if I want fries with that. You mention that the healthcare and social assistance industry jobs offer no room for growth. True if you don't take the initiative to better yourself by getting a college education. There is night school, online certification, and employers willing to help you get an education through scholarships. Wegmans is a fantastic example of that!
The best way to increase wages, is to change the supply and demand curve. If more people strived to get a higher education, there would be less of a pool of HS grads for these low paying jobs. Corporations would need to pay more to attract candidates to these jobs then. I do feel for those less fortunate who live in a prison without walls. But that's what they choose to do. I have no sympathy for people who don't even try to better themselves like immigrants did years ago, who weren't educated, when they entered this land of opportunity!

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Posted by Mitch on 08/12/2017 at 9:22 AM

Re: “Lovely Warren’s right about red-light cameras

Mary Anna, Do you really believe what you write or do you just post opinions that you know you'll get poor feedback on? I swear you write these articles to just mess with our heads. Those camera's reduced accidents by 21%...period. The cameras have no idea who is rich or poor, they treat everyone fairly based on actions the driver takes. You instead want to divide people more, based on income. Wouldn't treating everyone the same make more sense to unify people? I would encourage anyone that gets in an accident at any of these intersections to sue the city because they have now created a safety issue by not policing these intersections with a tool that is PROVEN to reduce accidents. Your lawyer can reference the study that was done, and how the city decided to instead put people at greater risk. Using your thought process, should we empty the prisons of people who commit crimes but are below the poverty level? Should we let shoplifters go if a thief can prove they are poor or downtrodden? I agree with a previous post that stated violators can do community service, or take the 6 hour state approved safe driving course. That way, money isn't an issue. I wish your paper would promote responsibility, unity, and personal pride for following societal rules.

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Posted by Mitch on 12/17/2016 at 7:51 PM

Re: “The big Rochester myth about downtown crime

Mary Anna...You're kidding right? You compare a partial year of 2016 for the city to a full 2015 year for Gates? Also, a portion of the city to the WHOLE TOWN of Gates? If you're going to cite statistics, please compare apples to apples. For example, in 2015, according to state crime data as mentioned before, yes there were 3 murders in Gates, but 33 in the city of Rochester! If you want to take a small section of the city(downtown) to make your comparison, then fine. Compare it to the Western part of Gates, where there was no murders in 2015 at all. Please compare similar time periods, and like geographies.

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Posted by Mitch on 08/27/2016 at 8:10 AM

Re: “The big Rochester myth about downtown crime

Thanks Mary Anna for not ripping me to shreds in this weeks article. You mention I'm entitled to my opinion, as are you. I do wish, as I've seen others mention, you included stats in you article versus saying "its a myth". According to the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services, the rate of total incidences was roughly 10 times higher in the city of rochester compared to Gates for 2015, the last reported year. The actual numbers were 10,105 versus 1,058. I hear what you're saying that downtown proper may be different, which makes sense as a lot of those buildings are empty after 5pm. The issue is you have to drive through the neighborhoods many times which have a higher crime rate, to get to the city. During events, the police presence is amazing and I'm sure it costs taxpayers a lot in overtime. What about non-event days? That's what a company moving into the city needs to think about. Can you tell me why I see so many police cars around the city streets of Rochester during the day, as well as at night? Or why I see them outside so many city schools? In Gates, I might pass a police officer once a week. Hmmm. With the myth of crime in the city, seems like we have too many officers out there. I do enjoy reading your articles as I do respect a difference of opinion...even if yours is wrong....kidding!

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Posted by Mitch on 08/26/2016 at 1:43 PM

Re: “A modest little proposal for revitalizing downtown

Wow...another article bashing someone else for problems in the city. Moving corporate headquarters to the city isn't going to solve anything. It didn't in Detroit. Quicken Loans received 47 million in tax credits for the move which jeopardizes all of their employees who must travel into the city. According to the latest FBI crime study, Detroit is listed as #1 for crimes. in fact, for 5 years in a row! Maybe Wegmans cares about their employees and doesn't want to see them harmed! If you need a grocery store in the city, let an entrepreneur open one! The first step to attracting people to downtown is to clean up the crime. My answer is build more prisons and make them into self sufficient businesses so it doesn't cost the taxpayers more money. If prisoners don't want to do the labor, they don't eat. Simple. And don't start with your poor people who can't find jobs crap. I grew up near Clifford Avenue which used to be a nice area with hard working, sometimes unemployed, proud, poor families. People need to take responsibility for their own actions. Instead of writing worthless dribble, why don't you step up, move from the safe Park Avenue area into the city, and open a grocery store yourself?

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Posted by Mitch on 08/20/2016 at 9:17 AM

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