Album review: 'Unsubscribe'

Album review: 'Unsubscribe'

Diluted 'Unsubscribe'

Album review: 'Hideout'

The Stedwells 'Hideout'

Album review: 'If We Ever Live Forever'

Longwave 'If We Ever Live Forever'

Album review: 'The Hard Side of the Blues'

Tommy Grills 'The Hard Side of the Blues'

Album review: 'Blooming'

Candy Isle 'Blooming'

Album review: '1979'

Motörhead '1979'

Album review: 'The Fine Line'

Bob Sheppard 'The Fine Line'

Album review: The Space Between Disguises

Simone Baron & Arco Belo 'The Space Between Disguises'

Album review: 'For the Record'

Jack West 'For the Record'

Album review: '64'

Vanishing Sun '64'

Album review: 'Dream Float EP Vol. 1'

Dream Float 'Dream Float EP Vol.

Album review: 'One Time..'

Papa Herb and The Sol Vibration 'One Time'

Album review: 'Arka'

The Moho Collective 'Arka'

Album review: 'One//Four'

Jackson Cavalier 'One//Four'


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  • The F Word: Watch this space
  • The F Word: Watch this space

    For over a year now, I've been writing "The F Word" for CITY Newspaper exclusively on the web. Through this scratched screed, I've expounded wisdom, swapped recipes, observed the absurd, and called bullshit.
    • Nov 19, 2019
  • The F Word: Tears in ¾ time
  • The F Word: Tears in ¾ time

    Got to poke my head into the studio during Scott Regan's "Open Tunings" broadcast Friday to eyeball French jazz guitarist Stephane Wrembel disassemble his guitar and the way I listen to it.
    • Nov 12, 2019
  • The F Word: Black market prom
  • The F Word: Black market prom

    Luchadors and velour dinner jackets: CITY Music Writer Frank De Blase catches sets by Los Straitjackets, Televisionaries, Brian Lindsay, and Pentagram.
    • Nov 1, 2019

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