Project Censored, 2016-17

Project Censored, 2016-17

Stories the corporate media missed or underreported
In America, we commonly think of press freedom and censorship in terms of the First Amendment, which focuses attention on the press itself, and limits on the power of government to restrict it. But the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, drafted in the aftermath of World War II, presents a broader framework.

Group wants the city to lower speed limits

The faster a vehicle is going, the more potential it has to injure or kill someone. And that, in a nutshell, is why the Healthi Kids Coalition, a children's advocacy group, is asking City of Rochester officials to lower the speed limit on neighborhood streets from 30 mph to 25 mph.

Researchers warn of a major Parkinson's increase

A pandemic is typically seen as an infectious disease that spreads easily across geographic boundaries, often having a worldwide impact. Influenza and HIV are prime examples.

No city loan to Morgan

City Council rejected a proposal yesterday for a $1.5 million loan to developer Robert Morgan for a residential project at 103 Court Street at South Avenue. In a 5-to-3 vote, Councilmembers Loretta Scott, Jackie Ortiz, Matt Haag, Molly Clifford, and Carolee Conklin voted against the measure.

GOP budget would hurt urban revival efforts

As Republicans wrestle with tax reform, much of the public attention has been on things like corporate taxes, middle-income taxpayers, and deductions for mortgage interest and state and local taxes. Lurking in one of the reform proposals, though, is a change that would have a major impact on Rochester and many other cities: elimination of the Historic Tax Credit.

Monroe Dems get a taste of victory

Monroe County Democrats can win countywide and suburban races after all. Todd Baxter is now sheriff-elect and will take over for from Republican Patrick O'Flynn come January.

East students find that friendship is round

It's just before 8 a.m. at East Lower School, and the hallways of the sprawling school are fairly quiet. East Lower is the junior high school the University of Rochester created at the former East High in 2015.

Dinolfo releases her 2018 budget

County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo's 2018 budget is a bit of a knuckleball. Every year for the past several, as Dinolfo and her predecessor, Maggie Brooks, have prepared to release their budgets, advocates would ramp up efforts to pressure the execs into boosting funding for programs that help vulnerable children.

Dinolfo's budget will add funding for visitation programs

Advocates earlier called on the county exec to restore the funding
A coalition of children's advocates, faith leaders, and medical professionals are urging Monroe County officials to better fund services that have been proven to help prevent child abuse. Specifically, the coalition wants Monroe County to restore $1.7 million worth of funding that has been cut from some of those programs since 2014.

Council considering loan for Morgan development

Should Rochester taxpayers loan one of the region's biggest developers $1.5 million? That issue is on the agenda for City Council's November 14 meeting.

Homeless shelters are already crunched

Year after year, homeless shelters in Rochester face a dilemma. On many days, they see more people who need shelter than they can accommodate.

School 41's future uncertain

The Rochester school board is once again faced with the question of what to do with one of its lowest performing schools. School 41, in the Kodak Park area, was one of two statewide that didn't meet performance goals last year.

Baxter wins sheriff race; Dems make gains in the 'burbs

Monroe County Democrats had a good night: they took the sheriff’s office, they picked up a County Legislature seat, and they won a smattering of town seats. Democratic candidate Todd Baxter unseated sitting Republican Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn with approximately 57 percent of the vote.

Revving up electric-car interest

Most drivers haven't been behind the wheel of an electric car or plug-in hybrid, and the vehicles' most ardent supporters say that's an obstacle to getting more of them on the road. Participants in the initiative known as the Rochester Electric Vehicle Accelerator see a way to address that issue.

Integrated school still far off

Will Greater Rochester ever embrace a racially integrated public school? For the past five years, the advocacy organization Great Schools for All has been seeking ways to reduce racial and economic segregation in public schools.

It's war in Henrietta

Local elections can be pretty messy, and they usually hinge on some pretty local stuff: unpopular development projects, taxes, and political grudges. Typically, the contests don't receive much attention outside of the town or village they happen in, due to their backyard politics.


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  • Re: Group wants the city to lower speed limits

    • So by the logic that if, "a car hits a person, it's less likely to…

    • on November 23, 2017
  • Re: Group wants the city to lower speed limits

    • Slowing City traffic down make it safer for pedestrians, more survivable, and lower greenhouse gas…

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