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Re: “The F Word: The right to keep and arm bears

Looking at your title brought this to mind…

This is how I feel about guns too. they have a place; in the military, the police, for hunting and target shooting. Canada permits us to bring rifles and shotguns across the border with much paperwork, but do not declare your reason as personal protection that is not an acceptable reason.

In many years of traveling this country by motorhome we have stayed in many places people consider unsafe such as WalMart Parking lots. We have never felt a threat. My best "protection" is the key in the ignition of our vehicle and the ability to move out of harms way or more to the point not to enter it.

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Posted by Paul Goldberg on 02/28/2018 at 8:00 PM

Re: “How racist is Rochester?

I have been hesitating jumping into this meat grinder. The best "proof of the truth of white racism " can be found in the many writers of comments that proceed this. It is clear that several of the writers come from a position of racial bigotry. They may not consider themselves as racist, but their expressions of disdain for the people of poverty as "choosing poverty" or lazy are clearly the language of racists going back to Reconstruction.

Rochester has been been a mostly one way filter where those with any resources get out of the city leaving only the most needy behind. This is not a new story. In 1960 as I graduated from Monroe High School the enrollment from my neighborhood in the South East was "mixed in with a new community at the new East High. This was the beginning of a failed experiment and many families, mine included, left the city to Brighton and those left behind were those who couldn't or wouldn't make the move. Eventually a school district with high standards and a recognized success rate of sending many students to east coast private colleges became less and less capable. The families left behind did not have history of higher education and they did not offer their children the stability of working homes. How many of the vaunted 60,000 employed at Kodak were minorities? How many minorities made it into management. I cannot speak about the other large corporations, but Kodak's history is on public record. I have to believe the same was true at B&L and Rochester Products and oh yes at several of the divisions of Sybron. The only division where I witnessed any diversity was Nalge - disclosure: my father founded it.

Thus the mess of underemployed families with no real skills can be left at the feet of the large corporations and the white flight followed by the flight of anyone with any money to the suburbs.

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Posted by Paul Goldberg on 09/09/2017 at 2:09 PM

Re: “Midtown proposal includes 14-story tower and a park

As a former long time Rochesterian who is now very much part time. I am excited by the Galina concept and distressed at the typical negative response from so many. The proposal is subject to modification before it is built. I love the idea of some green space on Main St, the other parks mentioned are mostly off of Main. The lovely park along the river is mostly ignored except as a walk through and a hangout for some our of low to no income residents.

I doubt the idea of a roof top pool is brilliant - one could hope for use late May to early September unless global warming extends the season. I owned a pool in Brighton for 17 years, I know the season. Apparently developers see a demand for residence in the city, otherwise they would not be rehabbing so many buildings for residential living.

Move forward now or sooner, waiting just delays the benefits. And this is Rochester if we really hate it tear it down and build something different, we are good at that. We have already destroyed much of our patrimony for the inner loop which we are now destroying.

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Posted by Paul Goldberg on 10/05/2016 at 4:36 PM

Re: “The next stages of the Sanders revolution

There is at least a 20% chance that Don is right and Trump will be elected. Rather long odds. The media do not need to twist his words, he does it for himself as witness his very indirect suggestion that the an NRA member might prevent a Clinton presidency in a messy way.

Back to Sanders. As a long time Independent who refused to join the Democratic Party until it suited his needs I hardly feel the party owed him unbiased support against a long time party member who has held office as a Democrat and been Secretary of State in a Democratic Administration. We do indeed live in a two party system and the way to participate is to be a member of the party. Bernie wanted to have it both ways, be an independent and then be a party member when it was the only way to achieve his objective. I would have far more interest in his run had he been a Democrat when he ran for Congress and for the Senate.

I am a life long Democrat and frankly I find many of his proposals to be far out to left and positions that guarantee a loss in a National Campaign.

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Posted by Paul Goldberg on 08/10/2016 at 2:24 PM

Re: “County Republicans punt on microbead ban

The only problem the Lej has with this proposal is that it is a Democratic proposal and where it has passed is under Democratic leadership. If this were a Republican proposal, it would have greased on through. If they think they have to pass it for whatever reason it will come to the floor with Republican sponsorship. Heaven forbid a Democratic proposal should get a hearing much less a vote.

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Posted by Paul Goldberg on 10/07/2015 at 11:24 AM

Re: “Jazz Fest 2015, Day 9: Ron reviews Clifton Anderson Quintet, Champian Fulton, and the Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestra

After reading all the reviews I certainly appear to have missed as much or more that I dearly would have loved to hear. Such is the problem of being only one person who must attend on a linear time line. By Saturday night my wife and I were exhausted. We had attended over 40 performances in whole or in part as well as 7 of the Jam sessions at the Rochester Plaza. We couldn't venture any further in the rain on Saturday so we sat over the best Festival food at the Rochester Club and enjoyed Alex Pangman, who was not reviewed, for our close. WE never even made it to the Plaza. If anyone cares, my thoughts of each night can be seen at

Posted by Paul Goldberg on 07/01/2015 at 11:14 AM

Re: “A change in Jazz Festival's Club Passes?

MY response on the survey was I would consider continuing to purchase the Club Pass, but I would expect that Club Pass holders would receive a sizable (50%) discount compared to non Club Pass holders for Kilbourn shows. It would be worth it to me not to have to line up at 3 PM as we did early in the Festival.

Posted by Paul Goldberg on 07/01/2015 at 10:59 AM

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