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VIDEO GAMES: Pokemon X and Y announced 

Well, I mean, come on, they were pretty much out of colors anyways


Rejoice Pokemon fans! The next mainline entry in the catch-em-all series was announced earlier today through a Pokemon Direct, and marks several (and might I add, important) firsts for the series.

The new titles (Pokemon X and Pokemon Y) mark the series debut on the Nintendo 3DS, and with it, boast a brand new visual style and full 3D graphics. Gone is the sprite based artwork that has defined, and dominated, the series, replaced with a new psuedo-cell shaded look.

The games will hit worldwide in October, marking the first time that English speaking territories won't have to wait longer than their Japanese counterparts to battle and catch the new little tykes. Check out the whole presentation below for a look at the new starters, some new locations, and even a tease of what looks like the new legendary Pokemon.

What do you all think of the new graphic design? Or of the new starting Pokemon? Let us know in the comments below.

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