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Reader feedback 10.1.03 

Stadium sham

I have lived in Rochester and Monroe County all of my 41 years. It is a great area, but it has some problems. I don't believe funding another downtown stadium is feasible or smart. Let's spend this money where it is more desperately needed: on our children's education.

            Rhino fans deserve a facility designed for their sport. Frontier Field should have been that facility. Foresight and flexibility in the development and design of Frontier Field could have prevented this whole problem.

            By the way, whatever happened to PaeTec's funds to purchase the rights to the name of the stadium? How many millions did they give to the Rhinos? How overextended are the Rhinos financially? The public needs accountability before we front 90 percent of their playground. Thank you, Assemblyman Gantt, for raising your questions.

            Let's stop wasting our hard-earned tax dollars. Invest them in the appropriate areas: Develop our children's education and skills. Maybe then they can appreciate sports and arts. Put our tax dollars back into education, and maybe someday we will need more than just a stadium: maybe an arts center.

            Jonathan Dubner, Charlotte

Grocery options

It is too bad that the small, neighborhood Wegmans store on Mt. Hope Avenue is closing, leaving the university district without a grocery store. Now, two growing urban residential areas --- Mt.Hope and downtown Rochester --- and a small town, Scottsville, have no place to buy food nearby.

            In the past five years, Wal-Mart has been opening small-format grocery-pharmacy stores in the South and Midwest, known as Wal-Mart Neighborhood Markets. Perhaps Neighborhood Markets be built on Mt.Hope and in Scottsville. Another could fill the vacant McCurdy's in Midtown, the upper floors of Sibley's, or a new building on one of the two Farash sites recently donated to the county.

            The historic buildings slated to be wrecked for the new bus terminal could also suffice, since the first floor of Sibley's, of course, is more appropriate for the terminal.

            Or how about having the owners of the HoneoyeFalls and Mendon Meadows Marketplace groceries expand into the Scottsville and Mt.Hope sites and also find a place in the central city?

            Why Bob and Danny Wegman are so stubborn in wanting to close their smaller stores here and open large, maze-like stores elsewhere is beyond me.

            Kevin F. Yost, Middle Road, Henrietta

Double talk?

Lonsberry: "I am not a racist." Nixon: "I am not a crook." Double cross?Double denial?Or both?

            Salvatore Parlato, Seville Drive, Irondequoit

Writing to City

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            Our guidelines: We don't publish anonymous letters --- and we ask that you include your street name and city/town/village. While we don't restrict length, letters of under 350 words have a greater chance of being published. We do edit letters for clarity and brevity. And in general we don't publish letters (or longer "op-ed" pieces) from the same writer more often than once every three months.

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