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Reader Feedback 10.30.02 

Gift horse

Regarding "The Wegman Gift" (Urban Journal, October 16): It sure seems to me that Mr. Wegman is trying to buy the minds and souls of the teachers at Aquinas. This in a place that should be encouraging free thought --- and for only $10 million. Keep your money Mr. Wegman!

Ray Zahn, Sperry Drive, Henrietta

On the Greens

Regarding "Greened" (The Mail, October 23):The "most shameless piece of intellectual dishonesty" was the rather negative claim of Gore (2000) campaign chairman William Daley, who portrayed Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader as the "spoiler." Daley's fear-driven, scapegoating campaign comment sent the dubious message that Ralph Nader was "taking" votes from Gore. Greens backed Nader's bid for president precisely because of the widespread sense that voting had been rendered meaningless.

While campaigning locally these past few election seasons, I have encountered a few "scapegoaters," but most Rochesterians smile when I ask them to consider the Greens in the upcoming election. Not everyone accepts our Green Party candidate literature, but I always smile and conclude, "It's your vote to cast."

Timothy Saunders, Vice-Chair Green Party of Monroe County, Rochester

The Bush doctrine

George W. Bush, by the grace of the Supreme Court (not God) the 43rd president of these United States, has now issued the "Bush Doctrine" on America's foreign affairs.

He states that the US has the right, the obligation, the "divine" authority to, as the Romans did 2000 years ago, stand athwart the world and force all to live according to the Pax USANA.

An American peace in which we will brook no competitors. An American paradise based on American values and our "way of life" --- not to mention our sins and other vagaries.

Bush would have us be the world's policeman, prosecutor, and judge while implementing our Pax USANA (much as we did our gunboat diplomacy in Central and South America for a century).

Who knows what Bush will do next?

He already seeks dictatorial police powers domestically in his Homeland Security proposals. His doctrine, if tolerated, would give him the right to use the US military in any situation, foreign or domestic, as he wishes.

Who knows: Bush II may be the first American Caesar, or is it Kaiser or Fuehrer? In two years, will we still be saying the Pledge of Allegiance, or will it be the American version of "Sieg heil, Sieg heil, Sieg heil"?

Can't happen here, you say. Strange, that's exactly what millions of Germans said in the Thirties. And look what happened.

William Gaden, Stowell Drive, Rochester

Pray for peace

After viewing a recent "60 Minutes," I am more convinced than ever that the Christian fundamentalists (70 million strong and voting) are pushing the Bush administration for war to fulfill biblical prophecy.

I attended a Christian fundamentalist college and am aware of their mentality. Israel and Palestine should embrace and live in peace, for the fundamentalist faction of Christianity is eager for the fall of both, to prepare for the return of Christ. If Bush continues his policies for another six years, the annihilation of the Middle East will surely be realized.

To offset this powerful, collective consciousness of destruction, we need to have millions unite across the world to pray for peace. A few years back, this chain of prayer or creative consciousness for peace stopped many global wars for a period of time. The Christian fundamentalists scramble the Old and New Testaments to proselytize their views.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Christ said, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God." So much for the fundamentalists absorbing the great love and philosophy of peace that Christ wanted for all mankind.

D. Haynes Williams, Rochester

Our 'inner conflict'

I didn't realize you had to be a scientist to run for Congress. Is Ayesha Nariman going to build an alternative energy system by herself with her math and physics knowledge? (Endorsements, Congress, 26th District, October 30.)

                  I accept your endorsement decision. I like what Ms. Nariman has to say. I don't think she has the courage to challenge the entrenched politics of business as usual in Washington. Her grasp of the specifics of many issues would make her a great consultant or lobbyist.

                  I thought the article was fairly done in general kind of ho-hum way. You call me scattered and reactive but don't make that case until the final hippie-pot-smoker dig. I think that was a cheap shot. It exposed the inner conflict chicken-shit Democrats like yourself have. You want to be hip, cool, and edgy but you're afraid to piss off your boss. Thanks for making me look like a schmuck, you punk.

                  Paul Fallon, Amherst

                  Chris Busby responds: Thanks for proving my point, Mr. Fallon.


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