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Reader feedback - 12-20-06 

The mail


Regarding Mary Anna Towler's "Rochester and Murder: Content to Contain It" (December 6):

Rochester's children should not fall victim to a local charisma deficit. Whose job is it to plan and execute the policies that will create safety for children in our urban community? The assignment is too broad for either police or the school system to take responsibility for.

City and county governments need to decide who's got the money and put someone in charge of this initiative full-time --- whether they call it the Children's Zone or something else. No one is standing by to "pick up the leadership"; leaders are searched out, assigned, paid for, and held accountable for getting the job done.

Curfews are the last gasp of an exhausted system.

Susan B Price, Penfield


Regarding "Rochester and Murder: Content to Contain It?" (December 6): Why would we not be content with containment? The opposite would be to let it spread everywhere.

The do-gooders have imported more people into the system than the system can support. The bottom of the gold mine has been reached, not only in the city but in the suburbs also.

The pie in the sky is to want a money pipeline to every student and area of violence or poverty. The City of Rochester has been throwing money at schools for many years, with little or no improvement. Sucking money out of the suburbs isn't going to help the students.

I worked for 39 years for Kodak and have been retired 24 years. I live in the suburbs and don't feel that I need to have my taxes raised to pay for mismanagement and fast boats.

The answers to our problems are not easy. Demanding more money from what's left of the working class is not going to work when our jobs are being farmed out and immigration goes totally unchecked.

Al Reger, Gates


So what else is new? One scumbag, Mel Gibson, expresses his sympathy for another scumbag, the ex-Seinfeld comedian who voiced his venom with the "n" word. What are we to expect from a Class B actor and director and a Class A anti-Semite? Unfortunately, Americans continue to spend their hard-earned dollars for such scumbags' productions.

S. Saltzburg, New Wickham Drive, Penfield


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