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ROCK | Pony Hand 

Pony Hand is one of our city's rarest gems. It is a raw, driving, psychedelic-garage-punk-folk treasure that elevates the body and flips the brain inside out. The riffs are sharp and angular, but with warm tone that oozes vintage 1970's. Karrah Teague's vocals are urgent, powerful, sexy, and full of smoke, with the band joining in to belt out lyrics together when the inspiration strikes. Giana Caliolo's drums are tight and textured with notes that walk a fine line between aggressiveness and playfulness. The songs embed anthems beneath the crunch and rapid fire, making you sing along while banging your fist on the stage. Simple genre comparisons belie this band, as it takes everything in rock that's ever been good and makes it better.

Say farewell to Pony Hand at its going away show with Aminal, Danger Troll, House Majority, and Nuddhist Monks on Friday, January 9, at the Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Avenue. 9 p.m. $7-$9.;


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