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Re: “Now should we get rid of the Electoral College?

FGF, you must be really rich then. It's an honor to meet a member of the 1% hanging out at City Paper. Enjoy your tax cuts. I'm sure as a die-hard patriot you'll pump all your extra cash back into the US economy, rather than another month-long trip to the Italian villa.

I hope you and your fellow deluded horde sleep well for the next few weeks. Because massive, terrible destruction is coming to this country and this planet, and you are personally responsible for it. When Trump's trade wars hit, when his shooting wars hit, you can only blame yourself. I will, as always, be fighting the destruction and insanity with all I've got. Time, demographics, justice and basic human morality are on my side, so I don't worry about how things will end up. But my heart breaks for the price we'll all pay for the foolishness of people like you as we slog along the slow path toward progress. And I feel sorry for you to have to live with your horrific mistake, which we both know will come to haunt you. Peace.

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Posted by someguyinbtown on 12/21/2016 at 8:19 PM

Re: “Now should we get rid of the Electoral College?

Yes, FGH, i pulled out a series of simple, easily accessible facts I know off the top of my head that substantiate my perspective. If you can disprove those facts, please do! I will listen.

My point to you and anyone else who wants to make excuses for the morally crippled clown about to run the country: if you belong to the middle or working classes, watch your bank account. Watch your job prospects. Watch the unemployment rate. Watch the cost of your healthcare. See how Trump's policies help you.

Then watch what happens to millionaires and billionaires. Check out wall street. See how they're doing. My bet is that for every dollar the little people get, the 1% will get 10. And it's already apparent in his proposals.

Mark my words: you got played.

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Posted by someguyinbtown on 12/21/2016 at 4:45 PM

Re: “Now should we get rid of the Electoral College?

FGF, please tell me how these aren't facts:

1) Russian meddled in the election.

2) Trump questioned a judge's ability to make decisions based on where his grandparents were born.

3) Trump owns businesses all over the world and never released his tax returns.

4) Trump went bankrupt again and again, boasted about cheating on his wives and refused to pay many of the companies and people that worked for him.

5) The infamous Billy Bush tape where he talked about grabbing women by the vagina.

6) You can't cut taxes, blow up spending and not increase deficits.

7) Hundreds of hate crimes have been reported since the election.

8) Ben Carson is a surgeon and knows very little about Housing and Urban development. Betsy Devos contributed millions to Trump's campaign and advocates for private, not public education.

If you can tell me how these aren't facts, based on credible information (not wingnut garbage like Breitbart), I will be all ears.

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Posted by someguyinbtown on 12/21/2016 at 2:59 PM

Re: “Now should we get rid of the Electoral College?

I've thought long and hard about whether we should "wish Trump well." My verdict; absolutely not.

The reasons I don't wish Trump well, and will never name him as our president without a qualifier ("illegitimate" comes to mind) go like this:

1) He won the presidency with dedicated support from America's enemies, who badly want us to fail.

2) He ran a disgusting, negative, baldly racist campaign that openly embraced torture and many other tactics of tinpot dictators.

3) He has obvious conflicts of interests and never released his tax returns, so we have no idea just how deep his corruption runs.

4) His biography is rife with lies, failures, abuse and blatantly immoral behavior.

5) He openly admitted to sexually assaulting women and has a long record of treating women like meat.

6) His policy ideas are flimsy, contradictory and based on distortions and magical thinking.

7) His election has inspired a spasm of racist hate crimes unlike anything we've seen in recent memory.

8) He's stuffed his cabinet with unqualified oligarchs who know very little about government and have a clear agenda to dismantle it.

...I could keep going.

...I don't care if you read Breitbart, NY Times or whatever...I don't care who you voted for or what your politics are...these are facts. My personal feeling is Trump is so inept, corrupt and narcissistic that he'll fall on his face without any help. But in the name of patriotism and basic human decency, I feel obligated to oppose any and every statement and action he makes that hurts this country. And there are many, many millions of people who feel the same way. So to anyone who says "shut up and give him a chance," my simple response is: Nope. The decisions he made during his campaign have made that virtually impossible. And I encourage you do express your opinion and debate, but you will never shut down the opposition to his presidency. Go ahead and fight it, but you shouldn't expect to make much progress.

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Posted by someguyinbtown on 12/21/2016 at 11:07 AM

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