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For new students, college can seem like the final frontier. You've spent your whole life doing what teachers and parents tell you to do, living under someone else's rules, following a more or less prescribed path. That's all gone now. You've got a whole universe of options, and you can plot your own course into that undiscovered country.

            City Newspaper's Student Survival Guide is aimed at providing you with some helpful hints from people who have already embarked upon that fantastic voyage known as the college career. The guide is written for college students exclusively by college students --juniors and seniors who have already encountered some of those standard college dilemmas, and have some knowledge to share with the new class.

            In this issue you'll find articles on the pros and cons of off-campus housing, a list of local hotspots where you can take your family when they come for a visit, a public-transportation guide, suggestions from local students about where to go, what to do, and how to approach college life, as well as maps of some of Rochester's most college-friendly entertainment districts.

            We hope you'll use them, because while your campus is a great place to live and study, you've got a pretty amazing city right at your fingertips -- a whole new world ready for you to explore. That campus bubble can be hard to escape, but Rochester is worth checking out. Make it your four-year (or more) mission to explore strange new neighborhoods, seek out new nightlife, and boldly gone where you've never gone before.

            And if you need more info on what to do and where to go in Rochester, pick up City Newspaper FREE every Wednesday, or check out the online edition at

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