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Re: “A soccer team gives us an example of patriotism

No again Troll Whisperer,

I said absolutely nothing to endorse Townhall, other than the fact that they offer honesty along the race front. For people looking for honesty on taboo topics you are going to have to be open to a variety sources. Sowell and Williams offer plenty of it on race matters.

Dont you get tired of getting off on the same presumptions? I didnt say anything about Trump or the Republicans. And you conclude that I gave you Trump.

From my experience this is symptomatic of the insult-prone depth of the Left (which perhaps mirrors that found on the Right).

As a concluding suggestion why not use your actual name?

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Posted by Ted Christopher on 10/27/2016 at 10:58 PM

Re: “A soccer team gives us an example of patriotism

No Troll Whisperer,

Providing links from Townhall is an indirect commentary on just how far the Left has run from honesty on the race issue. After the extraordinary fiasco of their Ferguson coverage the Times eventually was pressured to provide some critical commentary on some of the problems found within the African American community. To do so they found two African American professors who amongst other things acknowledged that there has been a big very big violence problem within parts of the African American community; that a big motivational element behind the implementing of the Rockefeller Laws came out of the African American community; and finally that problems like illegitimacy can only be handled within that community. A related matter covered in a Scientific American article was that a big motivational element behind the relatively recent efforts to ramp up urban policing in crime hot spots was to reduce violence (including of course murder victims).

Townhall is a great resource because there you regularly have access to critical opinions on race matters from African Americans. Writers/thinkers like Walter E. Williams and Thomas Sowell offer great insights with little if any regard for the stifling impacts of political correctness (Steven Pinkers opinion on PC and Pinker also holds Sowell in great regard). You dont have to wait months from a PC-bound operation like the New York Times to catch glimpses of honesty. By the way one of the gems I saw at Townhall was that for over twenty years now the poverty rate amongst married African Americans has been in the single digits.

For a broadside introduction to the issues of racism (against African Americans) Williams offered this in July,

I think the Left and Right are probably comparably full of shit. If people are serious about issues they will have to look for honesty wherever they can find it. Honesty matters.

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Posted by Ted Christopher on 10/27/2016 at 12:39 AM

Re: “A soccer team gives us an example of patriotism

A follow-up on my earlier comment.

That earlier comment offered a critical perspective on the race issues motivating the soccer protest. It did so with links to relevant commentary from African American authors (who sadly appear to be alone in having PC-clearance to be critical on such matters).

I should have been more explicit there, though. In particular do I think that the teachers at the World of Inquiry could offer such critical perspectives on these issues and in doing so try to provide some balance in the understanding of the soccer players? No, I do not. The World of Inquiry is highly likely to be anchored in a narrow liberal idealistic perspective (just like City).

For additional perspective over the last 2 years the New York Times has had a lot of coverage on race issues. And as follow-up to their coverage they have often been blasted in the Readers Picks comments for their liberal biases (beginning with their Ferguson coverage). This coming from an apparently very educated, non-conservative readership.

The additional point of relevance are is that African American critics of liberal policies have focused their attention on the unhealthy results for African Americans (as in the case of Prof. Williams that was cited earlier). Idealism might make for a nice thought exercises but in reality it rarely helps.

The final note is on the responses. My comment received 15 dislikes and I doubt any of them bothered to read the (short) articles. The subsequent comment was an insult directed at my entry without any relevance (which of course didnt mention Trump). That irrelevant insult received 14 likes. This I would argue is a solid observational slice of the workings of the Left. Narrow, angry, and tending to get off on insults.

Another good reason to register - and think - as an Independent.

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Posted by Ted Christopher on 10/26/2016 at 2:23 PM

Re: “A soccer team gives us an example of patriotism

What is missing here is some interest in objectivity. Whatever your chosen public protest protocol, you had better do your homework to make it sure the protest is legit.

If you are looking for serious criticism of race-related matters you pretty much have to turn to African Americans. The subject is otherwise too taboo to touch.

Here is a critical rundown on Colin Kaepernicks protest by Larry Elder,

And behind it a larger look at the real issues and the relevant numbers from Professor Walter E. Williams,


For the idealist or nominal idealist out there, if you are serious you had better be willing to question your own sacred stories. The popular liberal perspective on race that all things eventually boil down to To Kill a Mockingbird is rarely accurate.

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Posted by Ted Christopher on 10/21/2016 at 9:58 PM

Re: “RCSD's new code downplays suspensions

This is simply another triumph for liberal idealism and a defeat for pragmatic efforts to improve bad school environments. It will likely have a net contribution of worsening those environments and furthering the exodus from RCSD.

On 3/22/2014 the D and C ran the article “Erica Bryant: A school for the kids who want to learn” giving an in-person, very sober perspective on a day at East High School. It was an extraordinarily significant contribution and sadly unique (probably due to PC pressures). The number of fights that year at East I believe was later reported as over 700. If people want to help RCSD - and the “kids who want to learn” - then they would do well to listen to such reports.

Tim had his chance several years ago in an “in depth series” but he passed on any followup to the most insightful comments provided - a student responding that ‘students can learn if they want to’ and that they wished that the ‘disruptive kids would be removed from the classrooms’ (the latter’s contributions made painfully clear in Bryant’s article).

If Bryant had had the time she could have provided another look at East High School. She could have spent an afternoon at the practice of East High School’s boy basketball team. That year they would have been preparing for the end of their season. Their season ended in the State’s Big School bracket finals! In the beautiful and demanding sport of basketball they had succeeded in a very big way and their approach had been exactly the opposite of the reformer idealists. Of course the program is for kids who want to (learn) basketball and of course they would not have hesitated to use disciplinary measures to correct disruptions.

Finally, for people buying the race-angle provided here you might try reading the Race-related articles that the New York Times has been running in the last year or so. Almost invariably those articles are followed up by heavy criticism from their readers (I read the Readers’ Picks comments). The abuse of the race issue is ironically championed by liberal activists but it ultimately brings harm to the African American community - including of course their ‘kids who want to learn’.

It is easy to get off on idealism. The challenge in education (and life) is try to stay real.

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Posted by Ted Christopher on 06/19/2016 at 10:34 AM

Re: “Major upset: Lovely Warren wins mayor's race

First, this is only the Democratic primary. There are other voters to be heard from including Independents like myself. I imagine Warren got a good fraction of her potential total supporters out yesterday.

I have to comment on the "Warren's central focus in this campaign was education". To have her message on education taken seriously - in particular as an African American candidate running what appears to be an African American-centric campaign - and not even begin to acknowledge the giant issue driving the "failing" schools is striking. That issue I see several days a week as a volunteer tutor and that is unbelievably low commitment to education amongst many African American students and their parents.

It was welcome news that a recent gathering of African American ministers acknowledged this situation. But where is Lovely Warren on this issue or any other critical look at the African American community?

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Posted by Ted Christopher on 09/11/2013 at 10:34 AM

Re: “Arrest video provokes outrage; chief responds

John R,

I am not responding to this incident but to the underlying issue of police tactics. Those tactics were raised by Daniel and are big picture issues (unlike this incident).

The pro and cons of those tactics were succinctly described in my earlier notes and did not reference "our safety".

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Posted by Ted Christopher on 09/03/2013 at 7:19 PM

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