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The JesusPan 

Everything tastes better with Jesus on it

Take a bite out of Jesus

It has been a few weeks since anyone reported seeing an image of Jesus on a skyscraper window, in the bark of a tree, or on a potato chip. But now with the help of the JesusPan, you can create your own miracles.

Move over George Foreman, Jesus is in control. The JesusPan is a non-stick griller that will leave the impression that the man upstairs just paid a visit to your pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, or favorite panini. The JesusPan adds that extra touch, sort of like cutting the crust off your P&B. Who knows why --- food just tastes better when it comes to your plate bearing the visage of the Son of God.

Doc Thompson, inventor of the JesusPan, says the idea came to him via a little divine inspiration. Being a former radio man, he says he likes to spoof things some people take too seriously.

"I have two markets," says Thompson, who is based in Cleveland, Ohio. "People who realize that this is just a tongue-in-cheek gag product, and religious folks and average people who just like seeing the impression of Jesus on their pancakes."

But not everyone is happy.

"Oh yes," says Thompson. "I have to laugh at some at some of the very conservative Christians who say things like, 'I hope you burn in hell.' It kind of shocks you that people who are supposed to be so religious can also be so violent."

Thompson, who says he has sold several thousand JesusPans, says he turned to his father for advice.

"I'm not attacking Jesus or Christ or anything," he says. "But I wanted to run it past my father, who has been a believer all his life to see what he thought. And he says, 'In my opinion, if you can wake up and see Jesus in a pancake, it's gonna be a great day.'"

You can order two JesusPans for $29.99 from the website,

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