A theater for Parcel 5?

A theater for Parcel 5?

Some pros and cons
A strong argument for the theater: If you increase the number of people walking around downtown, you increase people's comfort level.

Trump, Roy Moore, and the tribes we cling to

The Civil War almost ended our democratic experiment. "And here we are," writes Andrew Sullivan, "in an equally tribal era."

Las Vegas, guns, and the evil of inaction

We knew what we needed to do when we saw the pictures of the children murdered in Newtown. And nothing happened.

The UR and harassment: learning from the protests

Sexual harassment is an intimidating, often humiliating violation, of our privacy, of our right to determine who we will be intimate with.

Lovely Warren's next challenge: uniting the Monroe Democratic Party

Warren has the potential to be an exceptional leader now, and the people of Greater Rochester badly need one.

Our quest to become a ‘City of the Arts’

We’ve said for years that we’re a City of the Arts, and we have all the ingredients to be one.

How racist is Rochester?

Do we know? Do we care?
Zoning codes, employment practices, development policies, voting laws, criminal justice policies: all of these have helped keep people of color impoverished.

Imagining a downtown

What's your vision for downtown Rochester? Some of the candidates we've talked with this summer have brought up that issue, and it's a good time to talk about it.


  • Re: A theater for Parcel 5?

    • To Reid: I would say Oscar Wilde was correct. Henry Ford said "whether you think…

    • on October 21, 2017
  • Re: A theater for Parcel 5?

    • Johnny - To paraphrase Oscar Wilde's quote about marriage...... Optimism about a project in Rochester…

    • on October 21, 2017
  • Re: A theater for Parcel 5?

    • Without optimism, what do we really have? Where would we be now without optimism? We…

    • on October 20, 2017
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