VIDEO: Is the Wegmans parking lot really that bad? 

We sent Renee to find out.

People have hated the East Avenue Wegmans parking lot since it was constructed. Navigating it
by car can be a nightmare., and to people on foot, it can feel dangerous.
Making matters worse, apparently, was that some people were using it as a short-cut between
University and East Ave.

So now Wegmans has installed barriers on the parking lot's main vehicle path between the two
streets. If you drive in from University hoping to short-cut it over to East, you drive in a few
rows and then have to turn left, wend your way up toward the store, over to the next row, and
then back to the right, past the barriers.

If you're looking for a shortcut, that shortcut is now a timesuck. But Wegmans' attempt to
improve things has drawn a lot of public ridicule, so we tried it out ourselves.
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