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Re: “The 'unbelievable' saga of President Trump

@ Miller.
I agree that our chances of being killed by an extremist here in our own Country is low based on the size of this Country, size of our population and the fact that percentage wise Muslims have a low percentage, and likely many of the Muslims who have lived here for decades came here to flee the negative aspects of Islam. I have met many Muslims and due to the nature of a former Business I used to own was working in their Homes fairly regularly. Only on a few occasions did I ever feel uncomfortable,most were welcoming, friendly and gracious. The ones I felt uncomfortable around had Pictures of the Twin Towers on their wall post 911. Take from that what you will. Considering our Iraq and Afghanistan invasions, whatever you want to call them, you can absolutely guarantee there are many hell bent on revenge as undoubtedly we killed many innocents over there, Not saying intentionally, but whats the difference? If someone killed my Family or even my Dog, I would stop at nothing to get my revenge. Personally, I wish no ill will and dont think we should poke our noses in Islams affairs even if they want to live like its 1400 years ago. Its when they go to different Countries and then try to establish their own cultures beliefs on the host Country is what most of us take issue with. How well do you think we would fair going to an Islamic Country and forcing our beliefs on them? Why going to Iraq and Afghanistan and expecting them to embrace us was idiotic at best. Culturally we are just too different. But look at most Islamic Countries and see just how multicultural they strive to be and thats all anyone needs to know. I honestly think this Country will be doomed in another 20+ years and not because of Donald Trump, but because many think with their Hearts and not their Brains, and there are those who will use that to their advantage and not in a good way, and I just think this Country is headed that way. The Younger generation is being brainwashed by MSM, Teachers, Professors, and their actions of late instill zero confidence. Ok, enough ranting for this day.

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Posted by William Reichold on 05/28/2017 at 5:45 PM

Re: “The 'unbelievable' saga of President Trump

@ Miller

I am very familiar with the Islamic History as to how its tied into our CIA, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. I was against going into Iraq and Afghanistan and I also believe 911 was an inside job and has nothing at all to do with Islam. That being said, after trying to learn as much about Islam for the past 5 years or so, my disdain and distrust goes far beyond their killing tirades which in itself is pretty despicable. Anyone who can make apologies for what Islam preaches and practices beyond the daily killings is just something that I will never understand. And for Mary Anna Towler to suggest that Donald Trump is why many of us want our borders closed is just ridiculous. They use the dumbest examples to excuse away what Islam does and for reasons to allow Illegals to bypass the Law, I often wonder how they even function at a basic level in this world. There are over 5 well known Islamic terror groups operating in the World today, all funded by different factions/Countries, and until people decide to face the fact that not everyone in this World was meant to get along(it hasn`t happend so far in the history of Human beings) we are going to continue to get these murder sprees. You cannot be tolerant of people that are intolerant, and for Liberals to preach that its the Trump supporters who are the intolerables and deplorables, is really pretty damn comical. I could go on for a few more pages, but frankly I`m tired of trying to get Liberals to look past their own damn hatred, They`re basically being everything they accuse others of being and don`t even realize it. I can see it and call it for what it is cause I registered as a Democrat cause I hated George W with a passion, but then I ended up giving Obama a chance and hated him even more. Anyways, these articles from Towler remind of me of sand in my swim shorts, damn aggravating.

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Posted by William Reichold on 05/28/2017 at 2:55 PM

Re: “The 'unbelievable' saga of President Trump

Does Mary Anna Towler ever have any thoughts of her own? All she ever does is repeat Left MSM garbage. Or in other words you sound like a Stupid Sponge Parrot with shit for Brains. You in your little Snow globe fake utopia think Donald Trump has made people Hate Muslims? No Lady, its the actions that Islam commits over and over again. Here let me sound like you and you tell me how dumb it sounds, remember this is how you Liberals sound...You Must not judge all of the KKK, Neo Nazis and White Supremacists based on the actions of a few, since only a few actually kill once in awhile. Hmmmm.....sounds pretty dumb doesnt it? Who do we blame for you hating on those people? Since you always seem to need to blame Trump. Thanks for proving why voting for Trump was the best decision. And here, let me blow your mind...I am a registered so tired of all the Liberal bat shit crazyness and now you are all using bully tactics to push your narratives. Cant even watch TV Dramas anymore without the Left shoving false narrative Politics down your throat, you know like what Mary Anna Towler does, only I don`t see any original thoughts, only repeated garabage< Yeah it was worth repeating twice.

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Posted by William Reichold on 05/26/2017 at 6:50 PM

Re: “Trump’s assault ‘banter’: democracy’s latest hit

I have the occasional displeasure of when buying my Lunch, having to read articles by Mary Anna Towler, what bloviating garbage. Sorry, calling it for what it is.

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Posted by William Reichold on 10/18/2016 at 7:03 PM

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